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Common skin diseases not getting proper treatment

By Wang Hongyi ( Updated: 2012-04-19 20:41

Shanghai - Experts said a lack of knowledge and professional guidance is preventing patients with skin diseases from being cured.

According to recent research by the China Medical Association, only 32 percent of people with fungal diseases received any treatment. Only about 12 percent were treated appropriately.

Another survey of patients with dermatitis, eczema or hives, showed that 44 percent used corticosteroids therapy inappropriately, and only one in four had a satisfactory outcome.

“Patients said skin disease brings a lot of annoyance to their lives and often makes them feel embarrassed and depressed. However, most of them have the wrong treatment,” said Liu Weidai, professor from the Skin Diseases Institute under the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.

“Many patients use hormone-based medications, immunosuppresants or other inappropriate treatments, instead of visiting a doctor. This can’t cure their diseases,” Liu said.

Professor Zheng Jie, deputy chairman of the Chinese Society of Dermatology, noted that people in China still have a great need for health knowledge.

“It is clear that continuous public education is necessary and helps patients effectively treat and prevent diseases, leading to improved quality of life,” Zheng said at a forum on skin diseases in Shanghai, which was also the first stop on a nationwide foot and skin health promotion campaign.

The campaign , organized by the Dermatology Society of the Chinese Medical Association, covers commonly occurring foot and skin diseases, including fungal nail infection, athlete’s foot, fungal infection of the hands, dermatitis, eczema and hives.

It encourages more patients to seek professional diagnosis in the hospital, and to get complete treatment for diseases of the foot and skin.

The campaign will last from April from October, and involves nearly 2,000 hospitals across the country.