Contest inspires China's budding media stars

Updated:2011-11-06 22:03

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Contest inspires China's budding media stars


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 China's new media may be destined to witness diversified changes and a possible boom as the country's up-and-coming media practitioners boldly shared their conceptions of the future of new media during a national new media exploration competition in Beijing on Sunday.

The "New Media, New Future" contest, the first English speaking competition to test participants' perception and operation of new media platforms in China, was organized by China Daily Website and will provide the top three contestants a free trip to study at the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) and Missouri School of Journalism.

Huang Qi, an English Broadcasting and Anchoring major from Beijing-based Communication University of China, defeated 29 other finalists to win the laureate.

He will travel overseas on the new media-focused study trip with runner-up Zhang Mengyi, from School of Interpreting and Translation of the Beijing International Studies University and second runner-up Wang Yuyu, a high school student from Chongqing Foreign Languages School.


The 19-year-old champion hailed the competition as a unique one, which made him think and explore more of his capabilities. "It's more than an ordinary English-speaking contest," Huang told China Daily Website. "It's like a comprehensive test on my writing skills, verbal expression skills and creative thinking and also my ability to work in a team."

The sophomore impressed the judges with his gentlemanly manners and a blockbuster video clip used to demonstrate his groups' new media product. "I like the media product section best because I could use what I've learnt in university, and get to know how I can handle and practice the theoretical knowledge."

Initiated by China Daily Website, the competition, a part of its International Youth Exchange program is aimed at boosting better understanding between young people in China and international communities through intensive exchange programs in fields such as science, technology, arts, business and environmental protection.

"We're delighted to see so many young people interested in our activities," said Zhang Ke, general manager of China Daily Website, organizer of this new media exploration contest.

Zhang explained this contest was designed to excite Chinese students about new media and its future development.

"Chinese teenagers really need to learn some fresh ideas from western countries and broaden their horizon, so that they are more qualified to make contributions to our country and society."

Raymond Li, head of BBC Chinese, one of the partners of the "New Media, New Future" contest, hailed the activity as "quite meaningful".

"The competition is a great opportunity for the participants," said Li. "They will know more about new media through their preparation and they could learn some advanced knowledge after going out. We need to have more [competitions] in China."

The contest, with its online preliminaries unveiled on Aug 22, witnessed the participation of more than 2,000 students from nearly 100 universities and high schools including Peking University, Sun Yat-Sen University and the high school affiliated to Renmin University.

The entire final showdown was broadcasted by CNLive mobile TV station and on the Twitter-like micro blog site Sina Weibo.

Contest inspires China's budding media stars


From Judges

Contest inspires China's budding media stars

Lu Shengzhang

PhD director, Chairman of Academic Committee of Animation School, Communication University of China

"[The competition was] quite significant! It was such a unique contest on the future of new media, but to be honest there were no shining ideas that really amazed me. I wish the contestants would have been more innovative and braver."

Contest inspires China's budding media stars

Yang Chunya

Managing editor-in-chief, China Daily Website


"We are now more confident in the future of China's new media. These young students were left with very limited time for preparation, but they've done such great jobs. Some of their new media products could even become China Daily's future products."

Contest inspires China's budding media stars

Raymond Li

Head of BBC Chinese

[This is] a great opportunity for China's young men. They now know more about new media through their preparation, and they will learn more advanced knowledge after going out. We need to have more [competitions] in China

From Laureates 

Contest inspires China's budding media stars


Huang Qi


Sophomore, Communication University of China

"Experience, new ideas and team work, the most important things I've learnt through the contest. I won't stop my interest in new media. I may continue my study in public communication, perhaps by getting a master's degree in the future."

Contest inspires China's budding media stars


Wang Yuyu

Second runner-up

High school student from Chongqing


"I knew little about new media before, but through preparation I have gained a lot. May be I'll become a mediaman in the future. You never know. I've never gone abroad. It's like a dream. But I'll go for the study trip and try to learn new things."