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A single day of shame on Nov 11?

By Jia Xu (chinadaily.com.cn)
Updated: 2010-11-11 16:47
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A single day of shame on Nov 11? Have you ever heard about Nov 11 being "shame" day for most single men?

Nov 11 first became labeled "Single's Day" or single stick day in the 1990s after some college students came up with the idea that if Nov11 is written in Roman numerals, it looks like four single lonely sticks.

So being Nov 11, the editors of chinadaily,com.cn are offering full coverage of some interesting odd news of several Top ten to celebrate the bitter and sweet of Single's Day.

A single day of shame on Nov 11?
File photo: I am "SINGLE"! Who cares? [Photo/sina,com.cn]

Top 10 professions of single men
Here we list the top ten professions of single men and the reasons they may be alone.

1. Accounting/Auditors — frequently working overtime plus gender imbalance. (women out number men)

2. Advertising / Public relations — frequently working overtime plus gender imbalance. (women out number men)

3. Lawyers —— good at quarreling & calculating

4. Consultants —— always travelling and in meetings

5. Designers —— make novel changes in their life theme, thus unreliable

6. Fashion designers —— men are regarded as sissy. Too many beauties and fashion models in their work life, dangerous!A single day of shame on Nov 11?

7. Website staffers —— tight working time and heavy workloads, hardly have time to date

8. Journalists & editors —— romantic belief in love, read to much, know to many. Cynical because they get to know too many dark sides of society

9. Entertainment —— complicated relationships within the professional circle

10. Athletes —— closed training. Gender separation owing to different types of sports



A single day of shame on Nov 11?

Perfect Single's Day Agenda 

Here we take a comical look at some of the superstitious things single's could do today.

Morning: Eat two twisted crullers and an egg using a pair of chopsticks and take a No.11 bus round tour.

Lunch: Eat at 11.11 am with two chopsticks in each hand.

Night: Eat noodles with an egg, and special dessert of candied gourd, the sugarcoated haws on a stick.

People believe the taste of sugarcoated haws is like the true state of mind of single men—— souring and sweet. Another popular saying goes: if you eat up all the sugarcoated haws on one stick, you won't be single next year.

Shopping: Bring two crutches under your arms while walking on the road

Sing Song: A lifelong loneliness, (Yibeizi de gudan), Love song for Single (Danshen Qingge)

Play mahjoing:  invite four bachelors to play mahjong to win by pure one bamboos suit hand

Bed time: Sleep at 11:11 pm. 

Ten characteristics of single men

Here we take a look at the character of a single man. If you tick three of the following you will be forever single.




Geeky outfit such as worn-out pants

Stay indoors

Salary less than 2,000yuan a month

Bad at fights

Height less than 1.80 meters (5.9 F.T)

No houses or car

Not good-looking


Ten famous single men in history

1.Plato: the originator of "Soul love"

2. Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci: Artist, painter

3. Quee Elizabeth I

4. Sir Isaac Newton: Scientist

5. Voltaire: Philosopher

6. Ludwig van Beethoven: Musician

7. Jane Austen: Writer

8. Alfred Bernhard Nobel: Swedish Chemist

9. Jin Yuelin, Chinese philosopher

10. Van gogh: Dutch painter