Exam stunt: zero score, zero investors

Updated: 2010-06-29 17:26
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A high school graduate in Shaanxi deliberately failed all his college entrance exams, scoring a zero, in a bid to garner public attention for his "Bill Gates" dream.

Xiao Fei (alias), born in a farmer's family in Yangxian county of Northwest China's Shaanxi province, conducted his stunt as a way to find potential investors for his business, according to the local Huashang Daily in Shaanxi.

"Apart from my name and exam number, I have written the same 16 Chinese characters in all four courses' exam paper," the graduate said in a telephone interview.

"I want to be the Chinese Bill Gates and become a millionaire in a decade," he said. "But I need funds to start up my business."

However, the 16 characters indicating Xiao Fei's determination and desire did not work as he had hoped.

He didn't get any investors, and as a result he decided to be a migrant worker in Shanghai, to pursue his dream and partly for the sake of his family as he feared his actions might humiliate his family.