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China will do better in protecting its people
Updated: 2008-09-16 11:46
Posted by Fang Fang, 2008-09-16 09:57

This kinds of stuffs happen everywhere in the world. In usa, there were cases of ecoli in their vegetation. Other countries, these kinds of stuffs usually go undetected esp. in the under developed and 3rd world countries. I think China is getting better in handling any incidents including this one. I believe it is going to get better only, knowing that the Chinese people are always very united.

Of course, the people who are responsible for producing the product should be punished severely and accordingly.

I believe that China will do better in terms of protecting the well being of her people and the economy.

All of us also should realize our roles that they are all equally important. We should learn that quality is the only way to go. Whether one is a janitor or a scientist, all of these job are indirectly linked/related to one another. So, let's all learn from these mistakes and move forward with "Quality" in mind.