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Updated: 2008-05-20 15:59

United States

What is REMARKABLE is the SPIRIT of the CHINESE nation.

From the top leadership where president hu jintao despite being in the middle of an aftershock encourages the rescuers to continue to try to safe lives.

To premier Wen Jiabao, who slipped and fell and refused medical treatment, and from the very beginning directed the rescue effort from the ground. Comforting people from the young orphaned children to older people scared by the massive earthquake and aftershocks.

To the rescuers and volunteers who continue to amaze me.

And the overseas Chinese who feel helpless thousands of kilometers away, but organize to send aid in the form of cash donations to help heir beloved ancestral homeland.

To China Central Television (CCTV) and the CHINESE news websites that provide me with up to date news about what's happening in the quake hit regions. Those reporters are fantastic! That's the kind of news reporting I want and the journalism I give VALUE to.

My heart is filled with sorrow for the so many dead and for their relatives.

But I refuse to see the negative that some western media want to create. Therefore I REFUSE to watch or read western media because those have lost ALL credibility in my book. FOREVER.

I am encouraged by the CHINESE leadership at ALL levels because they have a CAN do attitude for the people.

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