Stimulus 2.0

China urges stable economic growth

China's Cabinet on Wednesday sought to shore up economic weakness in the country, pledging more attention to "stabilizing economic growth" amid fears that the country's economy may slow further in coming months.

'Stimulus 2.0' aims to reboot growth

China is at an inflection point as its economic policy focus shifts to growth instead of inflation control. It aims for a more managed, selective stimulus, with changes so far falling into the following categories:

Stimulus is important measure: analysts

Large manufacturers, struggling against falling profits and slower growth, are pinning their hopes on government stimulus measures.

Speeding Investment

China speeds up approvals for major projects

China recently sped up the approval process for major projects as the world's second-largest economy looks toward investment to boost the economy, the Beijing-based newspaper China Times reported Monday.

Strategic emerging industries come to help

The State Council, or China's cabinet, on Wednesday adopted a plan to boost the development of seven strategic emerging industries amid the country's economic slowdown.

Govt approves property stimulus steps

China has approved more than 80 percent of the housing-purchase policies that have been proposed in 33 cities since August last year.

Monetary Easing

Experts call for easing monetary policy

The depressing picture painted by China's recent economic data has encouraged some economists to call for the use of monetary levers to increase bank credit and stabilize economic growth.

China to timely fine-tune monetary policy

China will maintain a prudent monetary policy in the months ahead, while timely and appropriately fine-tuning the policy, the People's Bank of China (PBOC), or the central bank, said Thursday.

China cuts interest rates

China announced Thursday its first cut in benchmark interest rates in more than three years after slower-than-expected growth raised concerns of a hard landing.

Private Funding

Private investment to enter into more sectors

China will issue specific guidelines on encouraging private investment in more industries after opening the way for private capital to flow into the railway and health sectors, an economic official said Tuesday.

CSRC seeks to stabilize economic growth

China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) plans to improve the mechanism for private companies to raise funds by issuing initial public offerings and refinancing.

Railways try to get investors on track

The Ministry of Railways released its second document on Sunday to announce a major revamp in how construction contracts are awarded.

Subsidies Mechanism

Doubts emerge over subsidies sales boost

A new wave of subsidies for energy-saving appliances is expected to roll out nationwide after a similar program mostly ended one year ago.

China to revive cash-for-clunkers pogram

The State Council, China's cabinet, agreed to revive financial incentives for consumers to trade in their passenger cars to help increase demand in the world's biggest vehicle market.

Government funds green purchases

China will provide financial subsidies of 26.5 billion yuan ($4.2 billion) to stimulate the consumption of energy-saving products, mainly automobiles and household appliances, said the State Council.


Ways to stabilize economic growth

The government vowed to make changes to macroeconomic policy. Focus should be on lower-priced housing, and energy-efficient products.

Economy must advance on two legs

State-owned enterprises need to better interact with non-State-owned companies to promote the joint development of all and the only way for China to advance is to walk on both legs.

China 'must speed reform'

China needs to speed the pace of domestic reform and change its economic model to become less reliant on exports and reduce the impact of crises such as the one roiling Europe.