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Youyi Store leading Tianjin high-end industry of general merchandise

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Updated: 2010-09-14 15:53
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Youyi Store leading Tianjin high-end industry of general merchandise

Marketing philosophy makes close connection

What is the secret of the success of Yishang Youyi? Undoubtedly, this comes from their marketing philosophy. In 2010, Yishang Youyi has set their philosophic marketing idea of "there is nothing impossible but unthinkable", brought out the marketing thought of "fighting for the best, doing as the unique, grasping the height and finding the feeling" and the omnidirectional and large scaled marketing strategy of "sales of the midseason and connotation of the off-season". In the passed half year, the powerful marketing lineup has greatly attracted the attentions of the customers and the marketing activities with formidable superiority have definitely caused the "marketing cyclone". Several theme marketing activities have made the shopping hotter and hotter. Each time when shopping, the thing which is deep in people's heart is the thick "Youyi" love knot.

VIP exclusive day big sale activity of Youyi Store has become a magnificent day for 300,000 Youyi VIPs. The spring VIP exclusive day activity in April has brought new surprise for customers. During the activity, customers have made the sales to a new high level and the atmosphere of festival is very hot. In September of this year, the first Dior Famous Watch Fair is held by Youyi Store in Tianjin. The world top brand Dior has showed three series wrist watches which are hard to see in normal days. Ten classical Dior wrist watches such as Christal, and Red Numbers have provided people of Tianjin a magnificent feast of eyes.

Creating 'first-class' service

If you ask why people in Tianjin are so fond of shopping in Youyi, then the answer of the reporters' interviews is shopping in the stores of Youyi has become a kind of enjoyment because they like the "first-class" service here.

Now, "Youyi Service Main Counter" has been established in all its sub-stores. The unified management standards have been set and thus the unified service functions, service images and service standards are realized. In the process of creating service standards system, model standard, professional expression in the eyes, standing, smiles and so on are pushed out in the cash desks. In this process, the services of all the departments have transformed from "professionalism" to "modelism" and "multi-warm service" and "pleasing happy service" are promoted. More than ten beautiful suits of the parking staff outside the stores, store music brought in from Hong Kong, sweet-smelling perfume, clean shopping environment and so on can make the customers feel the considerate services of Youyi in all its sub-stores from vision, hearing, smell and feeling. All the customers who have been to Youyi have one common feeling that is comfort. In a word, the services in Youyi are fine, delicate and precise.

Youyi Store leading Tianjin high-end industry of general merchandise

Developing e-commerce and connecting to the world

In this web time, with the development of e-commerce, the business style of general merchandise retail industry is changing from real stores to immaterial net-shopping. The future net stores must be a big shock to the traditional commerce. For this, the Yishang Youyi people who are always chasing for perfect are taking precautions.

As the main store of Yishang Youyi, Youyi Store is getting rid of the stale and bringing forth the fresh on its development and business idea in the recent half year in order to reaching the international leading level. On the application of modern business skills, Youyi Store is always in the leading place. With a considerate understanding of its development, Youyi Store has made a great effort in development the Internet and e-commerce. This has been established as the important strategic measures of the enterprise. Youyi Store has established its web for issuing its latest news. The customer fans of Youyi can get the information by clicking only the mouse. In addition, the settlement and balance system has also been set on the web for the suppliers. In the near future, the VIP web area will be established and VIP members can search for various information online. The establishment of net-shopping area also realized the dream of customers of "shopping in Youyi" without getting out the door and buying their favorite things.

Right now, the sub-stores of Yishang Youyi are searching for more colorful services on the internet. They want to widen the Internet service platform and open a window for Youyi to the world, set up a bridge with the brand suppliers and customers. This will make their work more efficient and let more people know Youyi. This is also what their logo "Youyi's world and the world's Youyi" want to express.

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