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Chinese public calls for investment in elderly care

[2012-11-13 16:23]

Most Chinese hope the government will increase its investment in care for the elderly, according to the results of an online survey.

Public calls for investment in elderly care

[2012-11-13 16:18]

Most Chinese hope the government will increase its investment in care for the elderly, according to the results of an online survey published on Tuesday.

Living with loneliness

[2012-10-29 09:46]

Though traditional Chinese morality emphasizes being filial, an ageing society is producing innovative care in the community programs for the elderly.

Struggling elderly a challenge for China

[2012-10-25 21:46]

Central and local governments should work out policies to guarantee adequate pension and social welfare for the elderly so they don't have to worry about taking care of their basic needs.

Graying challenges ahead

[2012-10-23 01:38]

The path China chooses to follow in dealing with the challenges of an aging population could prove a route for other developing nations.

Easing aging pressures

[2012-10-22 07:49]

It cannot be overemphasized how much pressure China's aging society will put on almost every aspect of society.

Filial piety versus cell phones

[2012-10-19 07:22]

The distance between the young and the aged will increase if the youth don't respect and support senior citizens and have more heart-to-heart talks with them.

China to further cultural construction for the elderly

[2012-10-18 20:47]

A proposal was issued on Thursday to further promote cultural construction for senior citizens and effectively cope with the aging society, according to the China National Committee on Aging (CNCA).

Raising retirement age for future prosperity

[2012-10-05 07:30]

The sixth national population census of China conducted in 2011 showed the proportion of people aged 15-64 (a measure of the labor force) in 2000 was 70 percent and increased in 2010 to a peak high level of 74.5 percent. But in 2011, we saw the first decline in the labor force by 0.1 percent to 74.4 percent. The decline may appear insignificant but it marked the beginning of the almost irreversible trend - a declining labor force in China. The current pool of labor, therefore, cannot be sustained over the next two decades. Such a substantial decline in the labor force will pose a great threat to China's pension system.

Age of disillusion haunts senior citizens

[2012-09-28 08:06]

'Granny" Li has attempted suicide three times. First, she tried to gas herself by leaving the oven turned on, but her neighbors smelled the gas and intervened. The second time she took an overdose of sleeping pills, and on the third she jumped into a deep pond and tried to drown herself. However, Li's now-vigilant neighbors saved her on those occasions too.

Find ways to fill social insurance gap

[2012-09-27 22:48]

The gap in China's social security insurance fund is stirring concerns that the retirement age may be postponed to 65.

Views divided on revising pension system

[2012-09-27 02:45]

The top social security fund administrator has suggested making people work longer and receive their pensions later to offset a pension fund shortfall.

China sees growing elderly 'empty-nesters'

[2012-09-22 16:48]

About 49.7 percent of urban Chinese senior citizens with families live apart from their offspring, an expert on the topic told a symposium on aging on Friday.

Pension program to ease aging burden

[2012-09-20 13:21]

"Pensioners who live in the north can spend their winter in Hainan," said Xu Zaogui, director of the Xueliang Zhang Public Welfare Foundation Ltd., while explaining the Foundation's pension program to China Daily. Pensioners can move around the country during different seasons, once the nationwide network of apartments for the aged is built.

Firms wise up to aging challenge

[2012-09-18 09:59]

The demand for products and services for the elderly will witness a boom in the coming decades in China, prompted by the increasing spending power.

Private hospitals get policy support

[2012-08-31 20:14]

Private hospitals in Beijing will have more chances to be competitive with public hospitals, authorities said.

The man to realize an age-old dream

[2012-08-23 08:03]

Hu Wengen is an 82-year-old woman in Shanghai who dreamed of holding a solo concert.

Vanke to tap market for aged people

[2012-08-15 16:17]

China Vanke signed a contract on Aug 13 with the government in Changchun to develop residential buildings for aged people in the city.

New aging figures underscore need for action

[2012-08-01 06:56]

The population of Hong Kong will grow to 8.47 million over the next 30 years, according to a projection of the Census and Statistics Department.

Unfunded pension liabilities surge in China

[2012-07-24 11:30]

Future retirees may face the risk of getting a "bad check", as individual pension accounts are increasingly underfunded.

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