Business / China opposes US report on Huawei, ZTE

Huawei, ZTE hit back at 'biased' US market report

[2012-10-11 09:35]

The US congressional report against Huawei and ZTE is based on rumors and aimed at impeding competition from China, according to the companies.

ZTE proposes third-party validation

[2012-10-10 17:39]

Chinese telecom company ZTE has proposed third-party validation to relieve national security concerns, says a ZTE executive.

Huawei ready to face questions from Dutch MPs

[2012-10-10 09:36]

Chinese telecom company Huawei is ready to face questioning by Dutch members of parliament on its cooperation with Dutch telecom company KPN.

China 'strongly opposes' US report on telecom firms

[2012-10-10 09:24]

China said it "strongly opposes" a report that alleged Chinese telecom companies Huawei and ZTE posed national security threats in the US.

China boosts economic diplomacy

[2012-10-10 09:08]

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday established the Department of International Economic Affairs to serve economic diplomacy.

NZ govt plays down fears over Huawei

[2012-10-09 17:38]

New Zealand government said Tuesday the opposition parties were painting a very misleading view of the situation with Chinese telecommunications equipment company Huawei.

Protectionism behind groundless US accusation

[2012-10-09 13:36]

A US report that blamed two leading Chinese telecom companies, Huawei and ZTE, for possible threats to US national security is totally groundless and comes out of protectionism.

US accusations politicized

[2012-10-09 13:34]

US politicians should should let business be business and refrain from dragging Chinese companies into the battle for the White House.

China's Huawei, ZTE face new hurdles in US market

[2012-10-09 09:29]

China-based telecommunications companies Huawei and ZTE will meet more challenges when they pursue their foothold in the US market.

Chinese telecom giants hit back at allegations

[2012-10-09 09:12]

Two Chinese telecom giants rejected as "baseless" the findings of a US congressional investigation that accused them of posing a national security risk.

Chinese company to seek 'fair and square' result

[2012-10-01 16:35]

A company official said that the company was shocked that the US has blocked its wind farm purchase deal, adding it will seek "a fair and square result."

Huawei showcases latest cloud computing solutions

[2012-09-27 14:36]

Huawei showcased its latest Cloud Computing and Business Support System solutions, in a bid to further enhance its commitment to the growing number of Indonesian customers.

Huawei NBN rejection about ideology, not security

[2012-09-26 16:04]

The Australian government's rejection of Huawei's bid to take part in the rollout of the National Broadband Network was probably based on their Chinese ideology rather than security concerns, a Chinese counselor has suggested.

Huawei eyes top three spot

[2012-09-20 15:15]

Huawei Technologies Co is likely to rise among the world's top five mobile phone vendors by shipment, one step further towards its target.

Huawei demands explanation for ban on bid

[2012-09-14 17:02]

China's Huawei Technologies hasn't been told exactly why it was banned by the Australian government from the build-out of high-speed national broadband network.

Behind US unsubstantiated security claims

[2012-09-14 16:24]

With anemic economic recovery and persistent high unemployment in the US, some US lawmakers again are scapegoating China for America's self-induced, domestic economic woes.

Telecom firms deny US espionage allegations

[2012-09-14 13:17]

Two China-based telecom companies repudiated allegations that they deliberately leave backdoors in their products to assist foreign espionage on US security and commercial secrets.

Telecom firms testify at hearing

[2012-09-14 11:30]

Chinese technology giants Huawei Technologies Co and ZTE Corp denied allegations that their companies pose a security threat or are under the influence of China's government.

US congressional hearing blocks Chinese firms

[2012-09-14 09:39]

A hearing on possible national security threats from Chinese telecom firms demonstrates bias toward Chinese companies and tarnishes the US's image as an open and free market.

Huawei and ZTE hit by US patent probe

[2012-08-23 02:29]

The United States International Trade Commission announced that it had launched a patent probe into Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and ZTE Corp.