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Designers recycle metal waste into artwork

(chinadaily.com,cn) Updated: 2016-04-18 13:27 Comments

Designers recycle metal waste into artwork

(Left) Wang Shujie works in the studio in Xingtai city, Hebei province, April 15, 2016. (Right) Wang's works are made by recycling metal components. [Photo/Xinhua]

Wang Shujie is a designer who transforms useless metal into artwork in Xingtai city, Hebei province.

Six years ago Wang graduated from college with a major in artistic design. Now he runs a creative sculpture studio in the city with two classmates.

The studio uses recycled metal components to create artwork, such as robot-like figures, cars and other gadgets.

To earn money, they sell their work online, and bring metal models to business marketing and other events. Using recycled parts to create art also helps protect the environment.

To date, their studio has created more than 1,500 metal artworks.

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