Robots help reduce costs

Editor's note: Robots help reduce production costs and upgrade the business process - they can work 24 hours non-stop, offer more output for repetitive work, and puts forward higher efficiency and accuracy.

Robots help reduce costs

Medical robots

Brain surgery robots developed by China, Japan
Chinese and Japanese researchers have jointly developed a robotic system which will likely improve the success rate of surgical brain vascular intervention.

Inspired by Singapore's famous chilli crab dish, researchers have created a miniature robot with a pincer and a hook that can remove early-stage stomach cancers without leaving any scars.
Mounted on an endoscope, it enters the patient's gut through the mouth. It has a pincer to hold cancerous tissues, and a hook that slices them off and coagulates blood to stop bleeding.

Robots in services sector

Robot-themed restaurant attracts business
A newly opened robot-themed restaurant has 18 different types of "robots", including dumpling chefs, noodle chefs, hot-dishes chefs, and waiters.
These robots vary in appearance and color, with heights ranging from 1.3 to 1.6 meters. They can show more than 10 different facial expressions and speak simple Chinese. All of the "robotic waiters" are equipped with a detection device, which allows the robots move around freely without bumping into objects.

Robots help reduce costs

A boy tries out a robot during the High-Tech Expo at China International Exhibition Center.

Robots help reduce costs

A humanoid robot developed by Beijing Institute of Technology, plays table tennis with people.

Robots help reduce costs

Robots help reduce costs

Great Wall Motors factory

Chinese, German auto firms sign co-op deal

Domestic market challenges spur producers' export drive

Foxconn Technology Group

Foxconn to have 1 million robot workers

A message from robots: it's our turn

An upsurge of workers who are replaced by robots is now a hot topic in the Pearl River Delta region, with Foxconn being one of the most prominent examples. Foxconn, one of the largest OEM (original equipment manufacture) companies in the electronic assembling industry in China, has been heavily hit by labor issues over the past few years.[full story]

Robots help reduce costs

Robots help reduce costs

Robots lift China's factories to new heights

The giant orange robotic arms that swiftly weld together car frames at the Great Wall Motors factory in Baoding might seem like the perfect answer to China's fast-rising labor costs, reported Reuters.[full story]

Experts: rising wages should feed robot boom

The government should provide fiscal and taxation incentives to encourage increased production of industrial robots.[full story]

Companies have home thoughts from abroad

'Reshoring' firms head for home

Foreign firms finding new fields

Foreign investors warm to western region

Westward ho! for China's processing trade

Robots help reduce costs

Workers finish a shift at a factory in Ningbo in East China's Zhejiang province. Chinese labor costs, particularly in the eastern coastal regions, are rising.[Photo/China Daily]

Robots help reduce costs