Baby boom bonanza

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Rising disposable incomes, economic growth and parents' wish to give their children the best of everything have created growth opportunities for baby product makers.

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Soft drink maker Wahaha to sell milk powder

Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co Ltd (Wahaha Group) will extend to the infant formula milk powder field, said Zong Qinghou, group chairman.

A high-end infant formula, labeled Aidisheng, the Chinese pronunciation of Edison, will be launched and expects a productivity of 100,000 tons and revenue of 10 billion yuan.

According to Zong, Wahaha will cooperate with a well-known European corporate, which bases on the Netherlands for milk source, to produce the new product. [Full story]


Mothercare plans ambitious growth throughout China

Mother- and baby-products retailer Mothercare UK Ltd plans to aggressively expand its business in China in an attempt to cash in on the country's vast baby population and growing purchasing power.

The company intends to set up 15 new outlets every year in China over the next few years. It is an ambitious target considering that Mothercare only arrived in China in 2008 with a store in Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park, Beijing. The company had 11 stores in China, mostly in the affluent areas of big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou by the end of last year. [Full story]





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Baby boom fuels gold rush

Rising disposable income and the desire to give their children the best of facilities are triggering a surge in baby-product sales among Chinese "baby boomers" - those born during or after the 1980s.

Baby boom bonanza

Buoyed by the increased consumption, manufacturers are leaving no stone unturned to cash in on the "fourth baby boom" expected to last until 2015 and are increasingly using traditional channels and the Internet to push sales. Although the babies' and yongsters' products industry is still in its infancy, companies are now moving up the value chain to cash in on China's robust economic growth.
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Make your child's dreams come true

This is no fantasy at Family Box, a childhood development company. "Find the dreams of your children and bring them to reality" is Family Box's motto.

Family Box opened its first center in Beijing in December 2009 and now has more than 2,000 members. Its clientele ranges from 3-month-old toddlers to 12-year-olds and the company has already started making profits. [Full story]


Kindergartens for the rich

Competition in China literally starts at the beginning of a person's life. Parents in the city don't want their children to fall behind, so they compete to get their offspring into the best kindergartens.

The demand for early education has created a market of high-cost kindergartens in the city, which charge admission fees that are one-third higher than regular kindergartens, according to Song Jinzhi, head of the Oriental Cambridge Kindergarten in Beijing. [Full story]

Baby boom bonanza


Baby care sites take giant steps

Baby boom bonanzaThere is no shortage of parental advice sites and blogs from mothers in the United States, but in China the field is sparse. This has led to a boom in websites for parents and children, including and China's two leading portal websites - and - have launched parenting blogs. has set up a channel for baby and mothers in 2006, selling nearly 2 million children's products.

Babytree has 12 million visitors a month for peer-to-peer discussions about pregnancy, newborns and raising kids up to the age of 6. International advertisers, including Dumex, are major cash cows for Babytree. [Full story]

Baby boom bonanza

Redbaby to go public in 2011

Redbaby, China's biggest online retailer for baby products is expected to go public in 2011, Reuters reported, citing US venture capital investor New Enterprise Associates (NEA).

Redbaby, which sells baby items as well as other household goods will seek an initial public offering (IPO) in the United States, NEA's managing director Jiang Xiaodong said in Shanghai.[FUll story]

Baby boom bonanza















Baby boom bonanza

The General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine ordered its local branches to increase their scrutiny of fresh milk in response to public concerns.


The Hong Kong Consumer Council reports what it calls "strikingly excessive" levels of bacteria in two baby bath products. The bacteria were revealed in a recent test of shampoos and body washes for babies and children.

Fisher-Price is recalling more than 11 million tricycles, toys and high chairs over safety concerns. The Consumer Product Safety Commission said that the tricycles and high chairs were blamed for children's injuries.

Manufacturers of baby formula in China are required to check each batch of raw materials and their finished products for the toxic chemical melamine, according to a new draft regulation.

Domestic fresh dairy products will be tested this year to see if they contain leather-hydrolyzed protein and melamine, the Ministry of Agriculture said.


The death of a toddler in a fire at an unlicensed kindergarten in Chaoyang district on Sunday has triggered social concerns about the safety of education institutes in Beijing.

Baby boom bonanza


Chinese struggle with cost of raising children



Baby boom bonanza

An ongoing Internet survey, launched by one of China's popular websites,, shows that about 83 percent of netizens think the cost of rearing childen is too high.

The survey, completed by 3,283 netizens by far, quizzes the participants on some newly-released finding by a Nanjing-based University. [Full story]


Second child? One is enough!


Sometimes Yvonne Gao envies mothers who have only one child, though she said her twin daughters have brought a lot of fun and happiness.

The 32-year-old, who works at a cosmetics company in Shanghai, gave birth to twin girls two years ago. [Full story]

Baby boom bonanza








Baby boom bonanza

Baby boom bonanza
Baby boom bonanza
Baby boom bonanza


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