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Adapting to local market makes Schueco a success in China

By Zhuan Ti (China Daily) Updated: 2015-10-29 08:13

Schueco, a German company that provides system solutions for windows, doors and facades, meets the highest requirements in terms of design, comfort and security, the company said. It creates sustainable building envelopes, which focus on people and their needs in harmony with nature and technology.

Entering China in 1999, Schueco has created a strong brand by combining its global knowledge pool with in-depth local experience to support domestic projects. "As a Chinese saying goes, 'change, then smooth, and then access'," said Guenter Strauss, executive director of Schueco Greater China. "Thinking about change, seeking change and ceaselessly adapting to market change has made Schueco increase its market share in China."

With its headquarters in Shanghai, Schueco is well represented with regional offices and salespeople in all major cities of China. The company strives to stay close to its clients so as to understand market demand and react rapidly. "I hope, when people talk about Schueco, they not only think of it as a famous brand in Germany, but also believe it is a famous brand compliant to the needs of the Chinese market," Strauss said.

With it's German genes, high quality is a key factor in Schueco's growth in China. "Since its establishment date, Schueco has persistently attached great importance to product quality, which has been realized by excellent system performance, integrated service and precisely selected global and local material suppliers," Strauss said. "Schueco standards are executed among all the products, which are all independently developed by us in-house. Our products bought in any country are identical to those bought from our Germany headquarters, without any quality difference. At the same time, we are able to provide differentiated and customized products according to different customer needs - from mid-end to high-end clients. In addition to providing standardized Schueco systems, the company still has a specialized technical team in China to improve and customize products according to the Chinese market and climate conditions."

Schueco has more than 100 partners in China that produce and install its products. The company has a well-established support system for its local partners. "Strict evaluation processes are in place to ensure those partners provide premium service and products to local clients."

The company plans to build a new technical center and showroom in Shanghai in 2016, which would offer stronger technical and marketing support to local customers. Engineers from Schueco Germany also visit China frequently to provide training and exchange ideas.

Strauss said: "The Chinese market is different from that in so many other countries. We must improve our technologies to better adapt to the customer demands to gain a firm foothold in this country.

"As a leading company in sustainable construction in China, we are pleased to see that the Chinese government is further improving laws and regulations, as well as strengthening law enforcement efforts in environmental protection," he said.

"Stricter regulations on constructions in China are a challenge but also a chance for high-end and innovative systems companies such as Schueco. "We totally support and follow the steps of local policy," he said.

Some of its systems, such as the Schueco AWS 112.IC window system, have even been certified for use as passive house components. The term passive house describes a voluntary standard for energy efficiency in buildings.

China's economy has entered a new normal growth period in recent years, referring to slower but higher quality growth, but Schueco remains optimistic about its growth. "China is one of the most prosperous markets in the world. Its rate of development and growth in the past 20 years has been incredible," Strauss said. "The country will continue to provide numerous opportunities to both local companies and global leaders."

Looking ahead, Strauss said Schueco would continue to improve its penetration in China. "I hope some day in the future, China will be one of the largest international markets outside Germany for Schueco. We have such an objective, and will ceaselessly move towards this objective forever," he said.

 Adapting to local market makes Schueco a success in China

Guenter Strauss, executive director of Schueco Greater China, sees China's stricter regulations as both challenge and opportunity. Provided to China Daily

(China Daily 10/29/2015 page16)

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