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Zhouqu Landslide

Updated: 2010-08-09 15:35
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'We will miss you forever'
Nation observes day of mourning as death toll rises to 1,248; national flags fly at half-staff, all kinds of entertainment, performances halted...

China mourns mudslide victims as relief work continues
Amid sirens and horns wailing, people across China Sunday stood in silent tribute to victims of a massive mudslide in a remote northwestern town...

Rescuers drain lake before new rains
The fight to drain a dangerous debris-formed lake gained new urgency Wednesday amid fears that a breach could bring further devastation to the Northwest China county...

Man rescued 81 hours after disaster
A 50-year-old man was freed Wednesday after more than three days trapped in knee-deep sludge from deadly mudslides that ravaged Zhouqu county...

Rescuers face dilemma in clean-up
The rescuers, mostly troops of the People's Liberation Army and the armed police, are facing the dilemma of whether to speed up the clean-up and avoid further devastation, or to keep searching...

Risk of disease growing
Insufficient drinking water and toilets, weak infrastructure and crowded living conditions are increasing the possibility of an outbreak of infectious diseases in the mudslide-stricken region...

Man saved 60 hours after landslide
Rescuers saved a 52-year-old man from the ruins of an apartment building on Tuesday morning, about 60 hours after the country's deadliest landslide...

Woman, 74, pulled out after 34 hours
Rescuers searching for survivors in a mudslide-flattened Northwest China county were spurred on Monday when a 74-year-old woman was pulled alive from the debris and rubble...

Aid pours in
China's Red Cross Society on Monday said it would allocate another 1 million yuan to Zhouqu county. So far, the Red Cross Society and its branches nationwide had allocated 3.5 million yuan in funds and goods to Zhouqu...

Blasting river-blocking dam
Rescuers blast debris damming a river Monday in order to safely release potential flood waters in Zhouqu County. The blockage of the river created a barrier lake that overfilled and sent waves crashing down on the county...

$73m in aid to victims
China's Ministry of Finance (MOF) announced Sunday that it had allocated 500 million yuan ($73 million) in emergency aid to fund rescue efforts following devastating mudslides...

'Relatives hold on in search for missing'
It was a long drive from Lanzhou, the Gansu capital, to the disaster zone. After choosing to take the county route, it was 14 hours of punishing rough terrain...

Horrors and heroes of natural disaster
I had never seen such devastation before I witnessed firsthand the horrific aftermath of the landslide in Zhouqu county...

'Volunteers offer helping hands'
What I have found most noticeable about the response to the landslide, apart from the obvious pain of the victims' families, is the sheer determination of the rescue and relief teams...

'I could hear the mud roar'
Yang Jiangjie was standing hand in hand with his family on the rooftop of their two-story brick house, helplessly watching a wave of mud and rocks inching closer...

Sorrow in the air one day after avalanche
The avalanche of mud, dirt and debris that engulfed the city of Zhouqu on Saturday also buried its survivors in an inescapable sorrow...

'You can just tell it is a person'

I was among the first batch of reporters to arrive at the scene. Entering Zhouqu, we walked against the flow of people trying to get out...

Villager survives landslide
He Xinchao, 44, a father and head of Yueyuan village of Zhouqu county, survived the devastating landslide  around midnight on Saturday...


Zhouqu Landslide
At a glance
Zhouqu Landslide
Devastating landslide
Zhouqu Landslide
County before landslide
Zhouqu Landslide
Rescuers search for survivors 
 Zhouqu Landslide
Aid, supplies pour into Zhouqu

Zhouqu Landslide
Race against time

Zhouqu Landslide
Barrier lake blasted