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China Daily invites you to 'That's my holiday'

Updated: 2010-09-30 16:16
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Here comes the weeklong National Day holiday. Let's whoop it up. Don't forget to grab a camera before setting out on the road, as China Daily website is now inviting you to share your photos, and fun, with our worldwide audience.

The only rule is, try to AMAZE us.

China Daily invites you to 'That's my holiday'

Whatever you find interesting in the following week -- may it be a rousing roadside variety show you stumble onto, a remote ancient temple that holds you in awe, an inconvenient campout in the hills that turns out to be enjoyable, a boisterous bull run that you are mercilessly forced to jump into and luckily survive, or a breathtaking bungee jump that scares you senseless, or even just a graciously lazy cat crouching in your courtyard if you happen to be its couch-potato master -- click your cameras and send in the photos along with YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION to China Daily editors at

Please note that the deadline is October 10th.

To increase the chances of your photos being selected, don't forget to add a BRIEF CAPTION about when and where the photo was taken. If selected, your work will be highlighted on China Daily's website and shared with readers all around the world.

Authors of the Top 20 photos will be awarded specially-designed China Daily souvenirs.

Do it now. Lights, camera, action!



Here are some photos we have received.