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Story of facekini inventor

Updated: 2014-08-20 09:40 (ecns.cn)
Story of facekini inventor

Zhang Shifan, native of Qingdao city, runs a swimsuit store in the coastal city of Shandong province. The 58-year-old woman is recognized as the inventor of facekinis, which arrive on international fashion scene for a facekini-themed photo shoot was released by French magazine CR Fashion Book. After copying the prototype of diving caps, Zhang designed the anti-sunburn and anti-jellyfish mask, which is widely seen in Qingdao city during summers. Most wearers of facekinis are middle-aged women who like swimming but don't want to their skin to get dark. [Photo/iqilu.com]

Story of facekini inventor Story of facekini inventor Story of facekini inventor
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