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Leadership to adjust growth model
Updated: 2005-10-10 09:56

China's top Communist Party officials at a plenary meeting in Beijing are expected to adopt the "11th five-year plan" for economic and social development from 2006-2010, which will center on more even wealth distribution among its citizens.
Leadership to adjust growth model
An armed police officer stands guard before the Great Hall of the People in downtown Beijing October 7, 2005. [newsphoto]
The concept of "scientific development," first put forward by President Hu Jintao, will be enshrined into the plan. Beijing is also calling for the building of a society that will improve the lives of millions of farmers and poor urban dwellers currently left out of the country's economic boom, and therefore eradicating the roots of social unrest, observers said.

Despite the Party awoken to the inequity concern, it is unclear what can be done to help the poor. Some economists have said China is witnessing a stage of economic development in which many people are going to be left behind, raising the danger of unrest.

An editorial in the The People’s Daily Saturday noted that life had improved for all classes of Chinese society, including farmers, as a result of the changes. But problems have cropped up in the past two years, it said, adding that China must make "macroeconomic adjustments" in the next stage so the machine runs more smoothly.

The new Five-Year growth roadmap, is expected to put greater emphasis on sustainable but relatively fast, non-wasteful and environmentally-friendly growth.

President Hu Jintao, who is general secretary of the ruling Party, has chaired the crucial meeting.

The scientific development concept will become the guiding theory for building a "harmonious society," said Yan Shuhan, a professor with the Central Party School.

They are discussing the country's five-year development plan, with the view of seeking "sustainable, healthy, co-ordinated and rapid development," Yan said.

The focus of the proposed five-year plan indicates the Party and the Government have awoken to the problems with the model of growth China has been following for the past 27 years since economic reforms were launched in 1978. China has relied largely on manufacturing low value added products for other countries, using its land, natural resources and labor, the Xinhua news agency said.

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