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Dongguan woman's daylight attack caught on film
Updated: 2005-09-23 16:02

It's not an action film sequence, it's real life.

A young woman desperately grapples with two robbers who attacked her in broad, open daylight as she waited for a bus.

The incident occurred in South China's new boomtown Dongguan as the helpless woman was knocked to the ground and was robbed her purse and mobile phone.

Dongguan woman's daylight attack caught on film
The woman waits for a bus at a bus stop in South China's booming town Dongguan in the early morning on September 20, 2005. [South Metropolitan Daily]
Dongguan woman's daylight attack caught on film
A man attacks the woman and grabs the woman on the head. [South Metropolitan Daily]
Dongguan woman's daylight attack caught on film
The woman is knocked down to the ground and an accomplice of the robber pops into the frame. [South Metropolitan Daily]
Dongguan woman's daylight attack caught on film
Two bandits push a woman to the ground and snatch her purse from her back pocket [South Metropolitan Daily]

A photographer from South Metropolitan Daily captured the 6 am incident on September 20, showing how the woman was grabbed from behind by a man who threw her to the pavement.

Another accomplice with his hair dyed yellow then popped into the frame and snatched the girl's purse from her back pocket.

Apparently local bandits have been targeting the spot for robberies of late. In this incident, a man who watched the attack picked up his belongings and fled the scene, leaving the woman at the mercy of the two pillagers.

It was reportedly the third case within an hour that morning, with all the victims women waiting for a bus on their own.

Police had no time to react to any of the incidents. In the afternoon, however, officers said they had finally busted a robbery gang involving 28 suspects. All its members were located in a park adjacent to the bus stop where the incidents have occurred.

Surprisingly, Dongguan was ranked second in a quality of life survey of Chinese cities just following Shenzhen in a recent study.

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