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Zhou Xun and Li Daqi's marriage rumor denied
(Shenzhen Daily)
Updated: 2005-03-17 17:12

Former lovers Zhou Xun and Li Yapeng recently aroused great curiosity from the media about their respective marriages.

Zhou Xun and Li Daqi's marriage rumor denied
A copy of cover of Zhou Xun's latest album "Come Across" [baidu]

After Li's ambiguous admission of his plan to marry Hong Kong pop star Faye Wang, it was rumored Zhou was already married to Li Daqi, a Taiwanese image designer.

However, both Zhou's manager and assistant have denied this rumor.

"We received over 200 calls today for the report," said Li Xiaowan, Zhou's manager. "I have no idea at all about their marriage. If Zhou was married, she should have contacted me. So the report is not reliable."

Jia Jia, Zhou's assistant, said the rumor was very ridiculous.

"We have been busy promoting Zhou's new album, Come Across, since mid-December of last year," Jia said. "At the end of this month, Zhou will be acting in a new film, Run Run NINA!. Then there is another film waiting for her next month. You tell me, how could she get married with such a busy schedule.

During her recent appearance on Super Interview, a popular TV talk show, Zhou said her relationship with her boyfriend was a "real and even visible love."

When asked whether she was ready to get married, Zhou said: "Both Daqi and I look forward to a life-long relationship. We hope and we believe we could enjoy life-long happiness. When we get old, we'll sit down together and remember all the years we have loved each other."

When asked about her relationship with her former beau Li Yapeng, Zhou said she was deeply hurt by the affair and was very depressed for almost two years after their separation.

"I felt disappointed with human feelings and I didn't want to speak to other people," Zhou said. "Sometimes I went out with friends and was so quiet that the other people might forget my existence."

During that time, Zhou said only light music could ease her depression.

"But things changed after I met Daqi," she said, as tears began to slip down her cheeks. "I see sunshine in my life being in love with him."

Zhou is set to play two roles in Run Run NINA!, the debut film of renowned commercial and music video director Michelle Ou.

Then in April, she is scheduled to act with Takeshi Kaneshiro in Perhaps Love, a musical by Hong Kong director Peter Chan.Zhou Xun and Li Daqi's marriage rumor denied

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