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Six-Party Talks

Negotiators for six-party talks aimed at dismantling North Korea's nuclear program were arriving in Beijing but there was little hope of major progress during the upcoming round.

North Korea's priority is ties with US - South Korea
North Korea is more interested in establishing diplomatic ties with the United States than it is in receiving economic aid, a top South Korean official said on Tuesday.

North Korea plans to build light-water nuclear reactors
North Korea plans to build its own light-water atomic reactors and develop two other reactors that can produce large amounts of fissile material to boost its nuclear capabilities, official media said on Tuesday.

North Korea threatens talks boycott unless US drops 'hostile policy'
North Korea insisted Monday it won't return to international nuclear disarmament talks as long as the United States sticks to its "hostile policy" aimed at overthrowing its government.

N.Korea blames US for stalemate
North Korea accused the United States on Monday of creating obstacles in nuclear disarmament talks.

Rice: US ready to resume six-party talks
The United States is ready to resume six-party talks with North Korea "immediately" as long as Pyongyang does not impose any conditions, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Thursday.

North Korea hints at curbing money laundering
North Korea, facing a U.S. crackdown on suspected illicit activities, has hinted it might observe international standards on money laundering but Washington wants action, Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill said on Wednesday.

Chronology of key events in nuclear issue on Korean Peninsula
US-DPRK framework on nuclear issues (full text)
Key events in nuke issue on Korean Peninsula

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