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  France: Goal on Iran is political, not punitive
  EU rejected Iranian offer on atom crisis: diplomats
  Tehran to talk with EU before IAEA meeting
  Attacking Iran should be an option: Britain's Tories
  EU to make new nukes appeal to Iran as rift deepens
  France accuses Iran of making nuclear arms
  EU warns Iran over boycott of Danish goods
  Italy, Russia discuss Iranian nuclear issue
  Germany's Merkel calls for step-by-step approach in dispute with Tehran
  Germany: Iran solution is still possible
  London meet did not produce Iran consensus - Germany
  Europe says Iran nuke talks have stalled
  Spain rejects Iranian president's remarks on Israel
  EU backs down on Iran under pressure
  EU powers start work on Iran nuclear resolution
  Europeans meet Iran on nuclear row
  Germany reiterates diplomatic solution to Iran nuclear dispute
  EU trio push for quick U.N. nuke rebuke of Iran
  EU submits nuclear proposal to Iran
  EU prepares UN Iran nuclear warning - diplomats

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