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  Russia to press Hamas to 'moderate' stand: envoy
  EU grants Palestinians $145 million in aid
  Incoming Hamas chief wants political truce
  Palestinian Islamic leader seeks partnership with secular parties
  New Palestinian parliament sworn in
  Jordanian king calls on EU to continue aid to Palestinians
  Venezuela says it would welcome Hamas visit
  Palestinian parliament strengthens Abbas
  Hamas joins call for calm in cartoon row
  Hamas warns Abbas not to make changes
  Israel to hold on to main West Bank settlement blocs
  Hamas expects to head new Palestinian govt
  Hamas' campaign among women helped victory
  US gains support for aid cutoff to Hamas
  Palestinian cabinet resigns en masse
  Fatah: Hamas wins Palestinian elections
  Hamas makes strong showing in Palestinian election
  Palestinians vote in parliament election
  Fatah gunmen kill leader ahead of vote
  Hamas, Fatah signal interest in coalition
  Abbas: Palestinian elections on schedule
  France sends Sharon wishes for recovery, says peace efforts should continue
  Israel says no time limit to Gaza "no-go zone"
  Palestinians' Fatah Party overcomes split
  Abbas urges Palestinian militants to follow truce
  Israeli PM orders stop to Gaza rocket fire
  Abbas' aides talk about delaying elections
  Palestinian activists reject call for Fatah unity
  Israel freezes Gaza agreement, demands better security border
  Israeli PM Sharon quits Likud to pursue peacemaking
  Israeli-Palestinian talks frustrate envoy
  Mideast envoy urges deal on Gaza
  EU agrees to monitor Gaza-Egypt crossing
  Sharon warns against Hamas participation
  Israel drops bid for Hamas election ban
  Abbas-Sharon summit thrown into doubt
  Palestinians enforce weapons display ban
  Israel shuts down Hamas charities
  Israel evacuates West Bank military base
  Israeli forces complete pullout from part of West Bank
  Sharon seeks disarmament of militants
  Sharon: No wish to rule Palestinians
  Qatar offers rare praise for Israel
  Palestinian leader Abbas wants all armed groups disbanded
  Palestinians taking control in Gaza Strip
  Israeli cabinet votes to end occupation
  Israel OKs Egyptian troops on Gaza border
  Sharon: Not all settlements in final deal
  Palestinian leader Abbas urges militants to hold fire
  Israel completes Gaza Strip withdrawal
  Israeli forces storm into two West Bank settlements
  Sharon, Abbas to meet for new chapter in ties
  Last Jewish settlers leave Gaza Strip
  Israeli forces enter last Gaza settlement
  Sharon: Construction in West Bank settlements will continue
  Israelis leave 20 of 21 Gaza settlements
  Palestinian parliamentary elections set in January
  Palestinian leader promises better future
  Israel breaks main resistance to Gaza pullout
  Israel begins forcible evacuation in Gaza
  Gaza settlers defy evacuation deadline
  Israel seals Gaza settlements, sets deadline
  Israel seals Gaza Strip to begin pullout
  Israeli troops hold drill before pullout
  Palestinian leader urges calm in pullout
  Netanyahu quits over Israeli Gaza pullout
  Jewish extremist opens fire inside bus
  Gaza settlers begin voluntary weapons handover
  Islamic Jihad declares halt in rocket fire
  Palestinians fire on Israeli protesters
  Israel warns militants on Gaza withdrawal
  Israeli forces tighten Gaza closure to non-residents
  Sharon threatens harsh measures against Palestinian violence
  U.S. wants Israel-Arab summit after Gaza pullout
  Opponents of Gaza pullout admit defeat
  Abbas trying to contain Islamic militants
  Israel threatens to invade Gaza Strip
  Israel to ask US for $2.2b in aid
  Palestinian government, Hamas to talk soon
  Palestinian authority to try to save ceasefire
  Bush embraces Abbas as courageous reformer
  Abbas wants Bush to fulfill two-state vision
  Abbas to Bush: 'Stick seriously' to peace plan
  No peace without Palestinian state: Abbas
  Russian president Putin visits Egypt
  Abbas says he expects Hamas to disarm
  Palestinians seek movement in Gaza Strip
  Abbas asserts control over security services with revamp
  Abbas tries to reform security services
  Rice dives into heart of Middle East peacemaking
  Palestinian group ready to end violence
  Israel holds off on action in Gaza Strip
  Report: World Court to rule Israel's barrier illegal
  Mediators tell Palestinians to reform or lose aid
  Israeli troops pulling out of Rafah camp
  US allows UN council to rebuke Israel on Gaza
  Rafah residents 'living in hell'
  Collaborators tremble since Hamas killings
  Palestinian intellectuals, officials urge restraint
  US vetoes UN Council's Yassin measure

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