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  What a night for Apolo!
  Cohen admits bitterness of second place
  A moment gone, and with it the gold medal for Cohen
  Arakawa tops Cohen,makes golden breakthrough for Japan
  Cohen leads after dazzling short program
  Hey Sasha, it's time to come out of hiding
  Timmer's triumph
  Plushenko storms to skating glory
  List of athletes not competing in Turin impressive
  Meet China's newest sprinting Beixing
  AP: Silver-winning Zhangs show tremendous courage after gruesome fall
  Kwan's Olympic ends on a sad note
  Sun Zhifeng - China's youngest athlete in Turin Games
  Zhang Dan\Zhang Hao (Pairs Figure Skating)
  Shen Xue\Zhao Hongbo (Pairs Figure Skating)
  YANG (A) Yang (Short Track Speed Skating)
  Wang Meng (Short Track Speed Skating)
  Li Nina (Freestyle Skiing, Aerials)
  Pang Qing\Tong Jian (Pairs Figure Skating)
  Li Jiajun (Short Track Speed Skating)
  Wang Manli (Speed Skating)
  Norwegian skier Kjetil Andre Aamodt still a threat at 34

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