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Green Olympics
  'Green Olympics' eyed for year 2008
  Forestry watchdog vows 'Green Olympics'
  Beijing to have cleaner air as steel giant leaves town
  Beijing gasps for a breath of fresh air
  Air quality improves further in Beijing
  2008 Beijing Olympic Games
  Beijing to clean sky for 2008 Olympic Games
  China's Capital Steel closes down converter for reducing pollution
  Beijing to add second green belt by 2008
  Beijing to tap clean energy for Olympics
  Beijing in action for 2008 Olympics
  Beijing to go greener over next five years
  IOC hails 'Green Olympics'
  Olympic agenda targets clean energy
  Clean geothermal resources used for Beijing Olympics
  Boiler renovation to ensure clean Beijing air
  Beijing to further cut use of coal
  Beijing strives for "Green Olympics"
  Beijing strives to be free from trash pollution
  Beijing to build renewable resource recycling network
  Nearly half of Beijing is in green

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