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Organizer & IOC
  Beijing organizer sees 2008 Games breaking even
  Calligraphic presentation of slogan sought
  Beijing to provide high-standard services for Olympic participants
  Official interpretation of the slogan of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games
  IOC praises China's preparation for 2008 Games
  IOC urges Beijing not to copy Athens
  Beijing delays in choosing Olympic partners
  Building Olympic venues, China in the market for experts
  IOC says Beijing's preparations impressive
  Rogge lauds Beijing's Olympic preparation
  IOC official confident of Olympic marketing plan
  IOC decides to add two more cycling events for Beijing Olympics
  IOC to send experts to help Beijing Olympic Games organizers
  Beijing Olympics moved back two weeks
  IOC content with Beijing's progress in Olympic preparations
  IOC makes decisions on futures of disciplines and events
  IOC hails 'Green Olympics'
  IOC lavishes praise on Beijing's preparations for 2008 Olympics
  IOC member confident of Beijing Olympics
  IOC Official Satisfied with Olympic Games Preparations
  IOC head arrives in Beijing for talks on 2008 Olympics
  IOC: Beijing face challenges but no major concerns
  2008 Beijing Olympic Games
  IOC affirms positive progress in Beijing
  IOC praises improvement of Beijing's environment
  Dates set for Beijing Olympia torch relay
  Olympics preparations progress smoothly
  Preparations go smoothly
  Preparations for 2008 Games since July 13, 2001
  Capital aims for Olympic success
  Re-elected president: COC to try best for 2008 Olympics
  Beijing pledges best-ever summer games
  Official: Preparations for 2008 Olympics well underway
  Wang Wei: Beijing Olympic Games to attract more youngsters
  Beijing to mark Olympic bid with run
  BOCOG welcomes IOC's decision on new dates for 2008 Olympics
  BOCOG seeks Olympic songs from across the globe
  Beijing to set up its own Olympic coordination commission
  BOCOG briefs IOC Executive Board on 2008 Games preparations
  BOCOG holds first English talent competition
  BOCOG job openings: 56 positions, 3000 applications
  Beijing lays solid foundations for a promising Olympic games
  BOCOG staff keen on French language course
  Beijing commemorates Coubertine's 140 birthday
  Beijing-Sydney Workshop: A Learning Experience
  BOCOG reiterates prudent principle of hosting 2008 Olympics
  Official: BOCOG completes all tasks for 2002 on schedule
  Sydney Olympics offers Beijing lessons on environmental protection - 0fficial
  Beijing Olympics committee recruits talents
  Beijing Focuses on Nine Tasks to Prepare for Olympics
  Beijing Plans Three Phases in Preparation for the 2008 Olympics
  Beijing reconfirms commitment to "frugal and open" Olympics
  Beijing Sets Up 2008 Olympics Organizing Committee

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