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  Olympic venue construction progressing smoothly:official
  Beijing to improve service for 2008 Olympics
  Qingdao's Olympic sailing facilities to be ready next year
  Beijing 2008 "City Landmark" competition starts
  Beijing speeds up public transport building for 2008
  Chosen hospitals to be fit for Olympics
  Beijing earmarks 22 billion pounds to get in Olympic shape
  Construction starts on Olympic Village
  Olympic-size crisis of confidence hits Beijing?
  Beijing Olympic venues shape up for 2008
  Seven Olympic venues starting to sprout
  Beijing to hold Olympics sports facilities trade show
  Beijing resumes construction of `bird's nest'
  Beijing inaugurates Olympic press center
  Beijing to upgrade metro lines prior to Games
  Olympic projects progressing well
  Building plans change for a better Olympics
  Beijing kicks off construction of two more Olympic venues
  Beijing kicks off construction of Olympic venues
  Construction dates set for Olympic venues
  Olympic venues get owners
  Steel makers compete for Olympics
  Consortium wins bid for National Stadium
  Tianjin to start construction of 2008 Olympic venue in August
  Beijing Olympic forest park designs invited
  Beijing traffic system revs up
  2008 Beijing Olympic Games
  National swimming centre conceptual designs short-listed
  Olympic Sports Venues Up for Tender
  China builds digital weather system for Olympics
  "Nest-like" 2008 stadium design wins Beijing public favor, by smallest margin
  Beijing to invest 7 billion yuan on museums
  Beijing to well protect cultural heritage in preparation of Olympics
  Beijing purchases famous Swedish sculptures
  Beijing to build world's largest indoor skiing stadium
  Beijing to build new TV Center in CBD
  81 firms race for Olympic venues
  Beijing speeds up digital construction for Games
  Firms rush to build Olympic history
  Beijing plans to build more Olympic venues on campuses
  Better transport for 2008 Olympics
  Beijing has 444 km of freeways
  Beijing officially issues guiding document for 2008 Olympics
  Beijing Builds Transport Logistics Support Centers
  Beijing to build second airport before 2008 Olympics
  Beijing invites designs for Olympics facilities
  Beijing in action for 2008 Olympics

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