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Anti-secession Law
  Anti-Secession Law widely hailed
  Int'l community supports China's anti-secession law
  Official: Taiwan's MAC distorts law
  Law for peace wins worldwide support
  Overseas Chinese offer firm support
  Wen addresses press conference (full text)
  Top legislature passes Anti-Secession Law
  China's top legislature enacts historic law for peace
  Countries back China for national sovereignty
  Anti-Secession Law adopted by NPC (full text)
  Anti-Secession Law ready for vote on Monday
  CPPCC members endorse Anti-Secession Law
  Top advisor calls for "successful completion" of anti-secession law
  Draft Anti-Secession Law revised
  FM: US remarks on China's law 'irresponsible'
  People's congress prepared to 'fulfil history'
  China aims to achieve national reunification through peaceful means: lawmaker
  Draft Anti-Secession Law proposes measures for cross-Straits peace
  Anti-secession law backed by lawmakers, political advisors
  Lawmakers voice support for Anti-Secession Law
  Resolving Taiwan question "entirely" internal affair: legislator
  Advisors support enactment of Anti-Secession Law
  Anti-secession law dispels people's worries in Taiwan
  Peace paramount in anti-secession law
  Conditions clarified for non-peaceful means against secession
  Draft Anti-Secession Law explained
  Law only targets handful of secessionists
  President sets forth guidelines on Taiwan
  Anti-secession law not war mobilization order
  Macao people support enacting Anti-Secession Law
  Anti-secession law 'won't harm' Straits ties
  Wu urges good legislation of Anti-secession Law
  Anti-secession law aims at maintaining peace
  Top legislators vow to fight secession
  Anti-secession law reflects common will
  Anti-secession law to be submitted to NPC
  Anti-secession law called 'timely'
  NPC deliberates draft laws on anti-secession
  Anti-secession law seeks peaceful reunification
  China prepares to enact law against secession

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