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  Official: Taiwan's MAC distorts law
  Law for peace wins worldwide support
  Premier Wen talks about economy, Taiwan
  NPC closes annual session in Beijing
  Premier Wen Jiabao meets the press
  Anti-Secession Law adopted by NPC (full text)
  Top legislature passes Anti-Secession Law
  4 new members added to top military body
  Parliament approves gov't work report
  Military urged to perform 'historical mission'
  Three elected to top CPPCC posts
  Opinion: CPPCC gives voice to poverty-stricken
  Comment: Tung's invaluable contribution honoured
  Hu Jintao elected chairman of state CMC
  Tsang: Election for new chief executive in July
  Wen lauds Tung's role in HK's development
  State Council approves Tung Chee Hwa's resignation
  CPPCC vows to serve people's fundamental interests
  National legislature affirms candidate for state CMC
  Zhang Meiying, newly elected CPPCC vice chairwoman
  Tung Chee Hwa, newly elected CPPCC vice chairman
  Zhang Rongming, newly elected CPPCC vice chairwoman
  Top advisory body concludes annual session
  Annual session of China's top advisory body closes
  CPPCC members endorse Anti-Secession Law
  China's drafts regulations on AIDS prevention
  Local government debts detrimental to state treasury
  Senior Party leaders discuss anti-corruption with lawmakers
  China to step up anti-poverty drive
  "Hot money" inflow warned
  Beijing's household registration policy unlikely to change
  Import growth weak; exports remain strong
  Clean water needs urgent than ever
  FM: US remarks on China's law 'irresponsible'
  China to offer rewards to major grain-producing counties
  Government work report to be revised
  Tung Chee Hwa to attend CPPCC meeting in Beijing
  Parliament special committee adopts cabinet development plan
  Stepping up exchanges across Straits
  Violin maker pulls the right strings
  Law on circular economy in pipeline
  China's highways to reach 2.3 mln kilometers by 2010
  Prospect bright for cross-Straits agro cooperation
  China sets long term goals for highway, waterway transportation
  More efforts pledged to fight corruption
  Chinese "Thanksgiving Day" proposed to boost interpersonal harmony
  NGO an irreplaceable force in harmony-prone drive
  Premier urges steady coal supply, work safety
  China prosecutes 30,788 officials in 2004
  Death penalty to undergo stricter review
  Petition cases rise 23.6% last year in China
  Anti-secession law dispels people's worries in Taiwan
  Official accountability system to be stricter
  Debates to centre upon tax reforms
  Lawmakers adopt new voting method
  Conditions clarified for non-peaceful means against secession
  Top legislature accepts Jiang's resignation
  Economy planner: Macro control to continue
  Top banker: Not much 'hot money' in China
  China to continue keep low birthrate
  Deputy calls for anti-corruption law
  Salary ceiling for SOE bosses under consideration
  Personnel training for Beijing Olympics urged
  Lawmakers propose more public holidays
  Wen calls for carrying out policies in work report
  Migrant workers' plight causes concern
  Economic zone facing Taiwan proposed
  Grain self-sufficiency still key for nation
  Japan and US told: Hands off Taiwan
  Advisors underline judicial justice in harmonious society
  China faces pressure of CPI rise
  China expects brisk foreign trade
  Official highlights role of culture in "harmonious society"
  Official urges improvement of work style of Party, gov't
  China to cut down award programs
  Top leaders join deputies, advisors in panel discussions
  China expects higher urban unemployment rate
  China plans US$30.12b gov't procurement
  China aims at rapid, sustainable, sound growth in 2005
  China's import exerts limited impact on global oil price
  Chinese FM on relations with big countries
  China opposes foreign intervention in Taiwan issue
  Chinese FM on relationship between China, neighbors
  PLA deputies vow to safeguard territorial integrity
  Top legislator underlines scientific development concept
  Vice-President Zeng urges central regions to prosper
  Communities urged to protect women from domestic violence
  Quotes about NPC, CPPCC annual sessions -- March 5
  China to beef up weak links in social development
  CPPCC member appeals for earthquake warning system
  CPPCC member proposes law banning cheating in entertainment performance
  48 bln paid for export tax rebates
  Lawmaker urges legislation to curb rampant privacy infringement
  Premier Wen meets HK chief executive
  Dollar decline won't lead to forex sale
  Agricultural tax to be scrapped from 2006
  Premier Wen pledges more help for the poor
  Socio-economic targets outlined for 2005
  2004 plan carried out satisfactorily: report
  China sets tasks, measures for development

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