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Overseas Chinese continue blasting Chen's move
Updated: 2006-03-07 13:31

Overseas Chinese communities and Chinese students in the South-west Swedish city of Goteborg also held a forum to condemn Chen's selfish actions, which they said had ignored the wishes and happiness of Taiwan people and had attempted to provoke the separation of nationalities on the island. The forum said Chen was also trying to sabotage the sentiment of compatriotism across the Straits, forcing his idea of "Taiwan Independence" on Taiwanese people.

In Denmark, five overseas Chinese communities, including the Chinese Re-unification Society in Denmark, held a forum in Copenhagen following Chen's move. Representatives attending the discussion said Chen's actions overlooked the strong opposition from peoples of both sides of the Straits and around the world, and branded them a gross provocation towards the One-China Principle which is widely adhered to by the international community.

Chen's actions went totally against the stream of the development of the cross-Straits relations; went against the wishes and wills of the 1.3 billion Chinese and were doomed to failure, the forum in Denmark said.

Overseas Chinese communities and students in Ukraine said in a forum that Chen's actions ignored the tide of history and would surely be spurned by history. They said overseas Chinese in Ukraine would join hands with Taiwanese compatriots and Chinese all over the world to promote the peaceful reunification of China.

The Ecuador Association for Peaceful Unification of China said in a statement that Chen's play on words could by no means shake the will of reunification among the compatriots across the Taiwan Straits. It is their shared desire that cross-Strait relations move forward peacefully, smoothly and in a win-win way.

In a joint statement issued by overseas Chinese organizations in Panama, Chen was accused of undermining the status quo across the Taiwan Straits, generating a crisis of warfare only to serve his own purposes and those of his Democratic Progressive Party.

Chen's move to cease the function of the NUC and the application of the "National Unification Guidelines" was a desperate political gamble, as his administration has been suffering declining support ratings, Zhang Wujiu, chairman of the Brazil Association for Peaceful Unification of China, said, stressing that his secessionist attempt is doomed.

A symposium of overseas Chinese in the Seychelles described Chen as the top troublemaker, affecting peace and stability across the Taiwan Straits.

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