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Computer viruses to hit China this week
Updated: 2006-02-06 14:23

Computer viruses to hit China this week
The computer viruses known as "Kompu" and "Happytime" will attack China next week, but damage will be limited, predicted the Tianjin-based National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center on Sunday.
The center - the only anti-virus products testing and certification center authorized by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security - raised the alert about the two viruses, which are expected to hit the country from Feb. 6 to 12.

The experts explained that the Wm_Kumpu virus originated in Estonia and appears on the computer screens with the messages "Mul on paha tuju!" and "Tahan kommi", which mean "I am in bad mood" and "Give me some candy".

The Vbs_Happytime, a virus in e-mail attachments, can eliminate.exe and .dll files in the computer hard disks.

Experts warned computer users who may log on to the Internet to receive mail or visit Internet chat rooms when they finish the week-long Spring Festival vacation and return to work on Monday.

The center advised computer system maintenance technicians to scrutinize their systems and upgrade anti-viral software as precautions against the viruses, before the routine working week starts on Monday.

Experts with the center said that there is no need to immediately format computer hard drives stricken with the viruses, since the viruses can not possibly damage all data on the hard disk in a short period of time. Computer users can use software and tools to restore the lost data.

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