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Broad Air Conditioning Co.,Ltd.

Updated: 2005-08-02 11:17

Broad Air Conditioning Co.,Ltd.

It is the biggest absorption chiller manufacturer with the most edge-cutting technologies in the world.

Company Introduction

Broad Values:

Broad values are reflected in its products, customer service and management style. When decisions are made within the company, the primary consideration is whether the result conforms with BROAD values. For some new companies, perhaps impact on the bottom line is more important. For some similar companies, getting larger is the primary concern. But what would happen if all companies made decisions based on strong values?

In an era in China when the structure and moral values of society are changing, BROAD has retained principles such as environmental protection, respect for intellectual property rights, no price gouging, no predatory competition, no tax evasion, no bribery, etc. BROAD has placed morals and ethics as a top priority.

In an era when most companies are diversifying at frenzied pace and purely focused on size, BROAD has stuck with what it is good at. The company makes products of a quality and provides service to a degree others cannot duplicate. Excellence is more important than growth.

In an era of global warming, environmental degradation and ozone depletion, BROAD specializes in absorption chillers powered by clean and recyclable energies. BROAD chillers also use non- polluting refrigerant. The company has a continual goal of enhancing energy efficiency and minimizing pollution. Protecting our future is more important than profit.

In an era of recurring seasonal power shortages, BROAD produces only non-electric air conditioning systems, reducing investment in dozens of power stations around the world. Using our shared resources responsibly is more important than any single company's interest.

In an era of indifferent interpersonal relationships, unbalanced economic ecosystem and money worship, BROAD has focused on creating more values for customers, caring for employees and being fair to partners. Love is more important than anything else.

Broad General Information

Broad is a private enterprise with approximately 2000 employees. The company was established in 1988 and is headquartered in Beijing, China. BROADs manufacturing base is in Changsha, China. BROAD currently has subsidiaries located in New York, Paris and Kuala Lumpur.

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