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Hunan under spotlight
By Jeff Pan (chinadaily.com.cn)
Updated: 2005-08-02 10:47

The second round of Hunan Web Tour is launched in the capital cityChangsha. 34 noted internet portals from across the country present a truthful, comprehensive, advancing, open, and new Hunan in the five-day event.

Besides, rednet.com.cn, the host of the program and the most influential website in the province, also launches its new edition.

Hunan under spotlight 

Xie Kangsheng, Vice Secretary of Hunan CCCPC, Xu Yunzhao, Vice Provincial Governor, and other officials from the provincial government take part in opening ceremony. Xie highly praises the achievements of the first round of Hunan Web Tour, and wishes for the success of this section.

After the opening ceremony, the vice provincial governor delivers an important speech, introducing the social and economic developments of the province. Xu notes that Huan is located in between two of the most vibrant economic centers in the country, namely,Pearl RiverDelta andYangtze RiverDelta, and the province also connects the eastern and western parts of the country.

Hunan under spotlight 

As an important member of the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region, which encompasses nine southern provinces and the two SARs ofHong Kongand Macau, or the "9+2", Hunan plays and important role in supplying natural resources, labor forces, and attracting investment and capitals.

Hunan under spotlight 

The reporters will embark on a close investigation on the development and progress in Hunan, touring five cities.

After a two-day visit in Changsha, reporters will travel in two groups each touring two cities. One group heads for the industry city of Zhuzhou and scenic city Yongzhou, and the other will embark upon Hengyang and Chenzhou.

Hunan under spotlight 

Supervised by Information Office ofState Council, this event is jointly held by Publicity Department of Hunan Municipal Committee of the CPC, Information Office of Hunan People's Government and Rednet.com.cn.

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