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Beijing Olympics tickets available in early 2007
Updated: 2005-12-23 10:08

Tickets for the 2008 Beijing summer Olympics will go on sale in early 2007, and the those for the Games' opening ceremony and the finals of some hot events will be more expensive, according to the organizing committee of Beijing Olympic Games on Friday.

"We will not unveil the tickets sales scheme until early next year," said Liu Jingmin, vice mayor of Beijing and vice executive president of the Games' organizing committee.

"Except for those reserved for the Olympic family, most of the tickets will be sold on the market. Foreign spectators in 202 countries and regions worldwide can buy the tickets via their own Olympic committees," said Liu.

The number of the tickets is yet to be determined since some stadiums are still under construction and their seating capacity remains unknown.

The ticket prices will undergo scientific survey and calculation, according to Liu.
"We have conducted a poll on our official website to collect public opinions and constructive suggestions, to make sure that common people can afford the tickets," he said.

But one thing is certain, that the prices of the tickets for the opening ceremony and some popular events will be relatively high, said Liu.

As to how and where to buy the 2008 Olympics tickets, Liu said the organizing committee is yet to come up with a decision.

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