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Russia, China warn against antagonizing Iran
Updated: 2005-09-22 06:55

The diplomat quoted Li as saying that kicking the issue from Vienna to New York "could encourage Iran to take extreme measures" and would not be constructive.

Russia is building a $1 billion nuclear reactor for Iran and sees it as a key ally in the Middle East.

"The Russians are blocking the resolution," said a diplomat from one of the EU "big three" countries -- France, Britain and Germany -- on condition of anonymity.

"They aren't moving at all, not one centimeter. They don't even want to talk about the resolution. They don't want to propose any amendments. Nothing," the diplomat said.

Russia's Foreign Ministry made it clear in an email to Reuters that it would prefer a different kind of resolution.

"We are ready to work with all parties involved on a resolution that would reflect the situation in a balanced way and help find negotiable solutions and solid guarantees that the Iranian nuclear programme is peaceful," the ministry said.


Western countries say that since Iran hid its uranium enrichment programme from the IAEA for 18 years, the only way it can prove it is not seeking nuclear bombs is permanently to renounce sensitive nuclear technology.

Echoing U.S. language on Iran, the EU hardened its rhetoric, blasting Iran for its determination to press ahead with a programme which could produce atomic bombs.
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