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Beijing aims for safer National Day holiday
By Li Jing (China Daily)
Updated: 2005-09-22 06:25

In the lead up to the 56th Chinese National Day, all the security personnel in Beijing, ranging from armed police to guards at shopping malls, have beefed up efforts to ensure people enjoy a safe and terror-free vacation.

During the festival season that runs from October 1 to 7, people in the capital may notice certain changes.

Large-scale promotional activities at shopping malls and supermarkets, which usually attract large crowds, will be kept to a minimum during the coming festival amid fears of stampedes, according to the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.

Special teams will patrol charged with the task of preventing any possible danger and evacuating crowds as soon as possible if anything untoward happens.

Additionally, sales of tickets to tourist destinations that are near saturated with bookings may be blocked because of concerns about security.

Moreover, people participating in large public events during the festival will for the first time experience the high security inspections that will be in place at the 2008 Olympic Games.

Yu Hongyuan, deputy director of the Beijing Public Security Bureau, said organizers of public activities must draw up detailed security plans and emergency action plans.

Risk evaluation reports, security teams and inspection and protection devices, such as explosion-proof carpets and metal detectors, are also required for every public gathering, Yu added.

He said that implementing new security checks at large public events during the festival will help iron out flaws before the 2008 Games.

"We have to use every opportunity to raise our risk management capabilities towards riot attacks and familiarize ourselves with stricter security inspections for the Olympic Games," Yu said.

Zhang Yonghong, an official with the internal security division of the bureau, said his branch has launched a "carpet sweeping" investigation into almost every work unit in Beijing, such as government agencies, banks, shopping malls, food processing factories and hotels.

Zhang said security in busy public places naturally presents a challenge for police, particularly during festivals when these places see a huge flow of pedestrians and frequent public gatherings.

He said the municipal public security bureau has signed security contracts with more than 2,000 companies in Beijing and would carry out security checks and anti-terror drills in anticipation of the holiday.

(China Daily 09/22/2005 page2)

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