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Han Qide, vice-chairman of NPC Standing Committee
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Updated: 2004-02-27 13:03

The following is the biographical sketch of Han Qide, who was just elected vice-chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress (NPC):

Male, born in 1945, of Han nationality, a native of Cixi, Zhejiang province; member of the China Jiu San (September 3) Society and member of Communist Party of China (CPC), he started to work upon his graduation from Xi'an Medical College in 1068 with as a postgraduate, professorship and doctorate status.

Student at the Faculty of Medicine of Shanghai No. 1 Medical College in 1964-1968; obtained master's degree at Xi'an Medical college in 1982; studied in Emory School of Medicine, Emory University, United States, in 1985-1987.

Served as vice-president, head of Postgraduate School, director of Cardiovascular Center, of Beijing Medical Sciences University in 1988-95.
Elected academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS); pathologist; and vice-chairman of 9th Beijing Municipal Committee of Jiu San Society and CAS academician in 1997.

Vice-chairman of 10th Central Committee of Jiu San Society in 2000; chairman of the Central Committee of Jiu San Society, vice- chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology and vice-executive president of Beijing University since 2002.

Member of Standing Committee of the National Committee of the 9th Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).

Received top class award for Science and Technology Progress by the State Education Commission in 1993 and third class award of the State Natural Sciences in 1995, and first class award of the Natural Sciences for the institutions of higher education in 2000.

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