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Delegation salutes Tibet anniversary

The Tibet autonomous region was founded on Sept 1, 1965, after the establishment of the regional People's Congress through elections.



Mothers, babies safer and healthier

Traditionally, women have chosen to give birth at home in the Tibet autonomous region, which caused dramatic death rates for mothers and newborn babies. But improved maternal care has reversed the trend, Tibet's Women's Federation said.


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A Tibetan artist's dream of keeping culture alive

Trizin Rabten was selected as a first-grade thanka painter in 2010, and his paintings went on art exhibition at the National Museum of China in Beijing in 2012.

Too hard to say goodbye to the Tibetan plateau

The love affair with nature has been running deep through Xu Fengxiang's veins, and the love became an obsession when she left for Tibet in 1978.

Hometown of Tibetan incense smells transformation

Along the No 318 National Road to the west, on the north shore of the middle course of Yarlung Zangbo River, a small valley appears among the fragrant atmosphere. Here is Thonpa town, Nyemo County, the hometown of Tibetan incense.

Monasteries become centers of artistic preservation

The Palcho Monastery, the main Buddhist establishment in Gyangze county in the southwest of the Tibet autonomous region, is famous for its stunning architecture and large numbers of religious murals.

Tibetan's obsessive collecting leads to museum of cultural relics

Chojor, once a Tibetan herdsman, is browsing his 10,000-item collection of cultural relics in the first private museum in Tibet named after him.

Redemption for Tibetan loggers turned ecotourism pioneers

A pure, holy and tranquil mountain village comes first forever – that's what Pasang Tsering, a Tibetan village head, with business acumen, has learnt between the 1980s to the 2010s.

50 years of flights to Tibet bolsters tourism, economy

High terrain and severe weather once made Tibet, with an average altitude of 4,000 meters above sea level, off-limits for aircraft.

'I had never dreamed of living such a happy life'

Drongtso lived in a village in the Sangkho grasslands in the Xiahe County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Gansu Province in. The herders settlements in the area referred to the local people as "New villages".

Booming butter shop sales mirror region's economy

The Tibet autonomous region showed overall good economic development in the first half of the year despite the deadly earthquake on April 25 that ravaged Nepal and the Tibet-Nepal border area, officials said.

Lhasa, a city of sunlight

In the Tibetan language, Lhasa means “the Holy Land”. This ancient city was settled more than 1,000 years ago.

Tibet story: Face of Tibet is changing fast

Tibet, which remained isolated for centuries, is now opening up to the outside world. Radical changes have taken place since the establishment of Tibet autonomous region.

Stunning images of devout Tibetan Buddhist pilgrims

Hu Guoqing is an award-winning photographer and member of the China Photographers Association. His works, Passage of the Heart, capture pious Tibetan pilgrims on their journey to the holy mountain last year.

Milk project helps households to escape from poverty

Villagers in the Tibet autonomous region are being raised out of poverty by an innovative cattle project. The 259 households in Gyadrong, Lhundrub county, jointly operate a milking center.


Tibetan herdsman cashes in on hotel business

The moustache on Konchok Tsethar's weather-beaten face makes him look older than his peers. The 28-year-old Tibetan, running a hotel business near Nam Co Lake, one of the holy lakes on the roof of the world, is a well-known figure in his village.

Tibet through the ages

Tibetan children read a book at a private primary school in Lhasa, capital of Tibet autonomous region, June 1960.

What has the Qinghai-Tibet Railway contributed to Tibet?

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of the Tibet autonomous region, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway has also been wholly opened to traffic for nine years. As the longest railway with the highest altitude in the world, what has it contributed to the development of Tibet?

A teacher's dedication to Tibet's special education

From green hand to veteran, Kelsang Drolkar witnessed a continuously developing progress in Tibet's special education from scratch.

Highest calling of all

The surroundings are beautiful, but living there brings many risks of disease to its nomadic inhabitants

Loan scheme helps Tibet's small businesses grow

Credit rating policy rolled out by Agricultural Bank of China has allowed farmers to expand their operations and increase annual incomes.

Rural rich in Tibet

The Tibetan people often wear a short gown with long sleeves made of silk or cloth and a long and loose gown covering it.

'Tibetan Pavarotti' is unique on international stage

Dubbed the Tibetan Pavarotti by foreign media, Dorje Tsering is a renowned opera soprano. He is the only Tibetan active on the intentional opera stage.

'Loving Library' in Tibet comes into service

On June 26, the "Loving Library" in the Central Primary School of Mangpu township of Lhatse county in Tibet autonomous region came into service.

Tibetan buttered tea culture

Tibetan tea culture has a history dating back at least a thousand years. In Tibetan language, tea is referred to as "jia". Tea has special functions such as aiding digestion, stopping thirst and revitalizing energy. Since meat, butter and barley is staple food for people living on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, there is not one day they can go without tea.

Riding yaks along the rooftop of the world

As the first rays of the morning sun on the plateau were pouring onto the snow-capped mountains around Namtso Lake in the Tibet autonomous region, Yontan headed to the sacred lake with his beloved white yak.


Success of Tibet's new Dark-Sky Reserve is written in the stars

Climb onto the roof of an urban apartment or office block to watch the night sky, and you are unlikely to see anything because of the bright city lights glaring from below.

Tibetan businesses look to be wrapped in e-commerce net

Until recently, Gyatso rarely worried about his business.

Mother and daughter: ethnic exchanges through drama

"The reason why my daughter and I have become actresses isn't to pursue fame and fortune, but rather to protect our rich culture, and share it with tourists who come to Tibet."

Top 10 places to visit in Tibet

Since May, 24 tourist attractions have been included in the "price trusted" list by the China National Tourism Administration after agreements which include not raising prices for three years.

Lhasa River project brings more green

Sandstorm in Tibet? Sands blown up into the air from exposed riverbed of the Lhasa River in winter used to offer unpleasant experiences to both inhabitants and tourists, but a water project is solving the problem.

Pigment producers push to protect ancient art

The production of mineral pigments is an ancient art in Tibet, but it's heading for extinction at a rapid pace.

A monk's story in Potala Palace

Lozang Chodrak is a monk working in the Potala Palace. Every morning, Lozang Chodrak chants sutras first and then starts his daily work including doing some cleaning and sorting Buddhism classics.

Wedding photos contrast city with country life

The viral photos, first published by the bride on WeChat,won over 100, 000 viewers in four hours.

Tibet's world records

Namtso Holy Lake: World's highest salt water lake with an elevation of 4,718 meters. The Epic of King Gesar: The world's longest epic. Yigong Farm: World's highest tea farm with an elevation of 2,240 meters.

Craftsman keeps tradition carved in stone

Travelers to the Tibet autonomous region often come across piles of stones inscribed with scriptures and Buddhist images. These Mani stones are the work of Tibetan craftsmen such as Olo Tsering, who spends his days focused on meticulously carving a religious mantra on stacks of stone plates.

First exhibition by local photographers held in Tibet

Tibetan photographers participating in an exhibition of their work in Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet autonomous region, on July 12 said the show is a gift to the mark the 50th anniversary of the region's founding.

Commemorative logo for 50th anniversary of Tibet autonomous region released

The basic pattern on the logo is a perfect circle, like a moving wheel. It symbolizes the trend of the prosperous development of the new socialist Tibet.