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PLA holds drill before anniversary

Navy conducts live-ammunition training

Military uniforms, decorations exhibited in SW China

12,000 take part in PLA air defense drills

The People's Liberation Army (PLA) begins a five-day air defense drills in east and central China from August 3 to 7, said Xinhua news agency, following a large-scale military supply drill in the Yellow Sea last month.

China to enhance army's capabilities

China's armed forces will continue to enhance its capabilities and military readiness to safeguard sovereignty, security and development of the nation, Defense Minister Liang Guanglie said Saturday.

Guangdong prepares for security at Asian Games

Guangdong police forces kick off a series of emergency drills in Guangzhou and Dongwuan, co-host cities of the 16th Asian Games, set for Nov 11 to 27, South China's Guangdong province, July 28, 2010.

PLA Missions

PLA in flood control operation

China's flood control authorities said floods this year had left 928 people dead and 477 missing all over China as of 9 a.m. July 28. Floods had affected a total of 134 million people in 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, resulting in direct economic losses of 176.5 billion yuan ($26.04 billion).

Military parade at the 60th National Day

Top Chinese state and military leader Hu Jintao inspected the country's defense forces which will also stage a massive parade in Beijing in celebration of the 60th founding anniversary of New China.

12,000 take part in PLA air defense drills

60th founding anniversary of PLA Air Force

China marks 60th anniversary of Navy

PLA navy's anti-piracy mission

Peace Mission 2009

Weapons and Equipment

New weapons displayed during the 60th anniversary parade

The Type 99, also known as ZTZ-99, developed from the Type 98G (in turn, a development of the Type 98), is a third generation main battle tank (MBT) fielded by the Chinese People's Liberation Army. It is made to compete with other modern tanks.

Fighter aircraft of the PLA Air Force

J-10 and another indigenous military aircraft fighter-bomber Flying Leopard have become the backbones of the PLA's air defense power, replacing the second-generation fighter jets appeared in the previous parade fighter J-7 and fighter-bomber Q-5.

Parade rolls out peaceful message

Weapons and equipment are displayed in parade

China new missile weapon to curb war threat

Nuclear-capable intercontinental missiles bring climax to parade

Paratroopers bear PLA's new automatic rifles

PLA History

Major events in PLA's history 1997-2007

From midnight of June 30 to wee hours of July 1, 1997, the handover ceremony of the political power of Hong Kong between the governments of the People's Republic of China (PRC) and the UK was held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center in Hong Kong.

Major events in PLA's history 1987-1996

Major events in PLA's history 1977-1986

Major events in PLA's history 1967-1976

Major events in PLA's history 1950-1966

Major events in PLA's history 1946-1949

PLA Figures

Marshal of People's Liberation Army: Zhu De

Zhu De served as commander-in-chief of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, Vice-Chairman of the People's Central Government, Chinese Vice-President and Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress.

Marshal of People's Liberation Army: Peng Dehuai

Marshal of People's Liberation Army: Lin Biao

Marshal of People's Liberation Army: He Long

Marshal of People's Liberation Army: Liu Bocheng

Marshal of People's Liberation Army: Chen Yi


The PLA Army

As the basis of the PLA, the Army is a service mainly conducting land operations. It consists of such arms as infantry, armor, artillery, air defense, aviation, engineering, signals, chemical defense and electronic countermeasures (ECM), as well as various specialized service units.

The PLA Navy

The PLA Air Force

The Second Artillery Force of the PLA

The People's Armed Police Force

National Defense Reserve Buildup

Domestically-made fighter aircraft of the PLA Air Force

Infantry Fighting Vehicles of the People's Liberation Army

Pistols of the People's Liberation Army Ground Force

Submarines of the People's Liberation Army Navy

Domestically-made tanks of the PLA

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