Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao met visiting US President Barack Obama at the Diaoyutai State Guest House in Beijing on Wednesday. Wen hopes that Obama's visit will lift China-US cooperation to a new level. Obama on Great Wall  Photos of Obama visiting the Forbidden City  Obama: China visit 'wonderful'
The world is likely to see a comprehensive global warming deal, instead of a political declaration on Dec 18, when the United Nations climate change summit ends.
As someone who has lived in Beijing for more than one year, I can say with confidence that you can't do this city in just two days and try as he may, US President Barack Obama is no exception.

Maverick bestselling writer wooing Obama preface
Of the sundry appeals and hopes laden upon US President Barack Obama's first state visit to China, a bestseller's bid for a preface by the president is most likely to leave the eloquent leader speechless.
Obama's trip to China: will he listen?
"No single nation can meet the challenges of our time alone." It has become US President Barack Obama's new catch phrase. But will he listen, when he visits China in mid-November?