Long Live PRC
By Kudakwashe Machawira (China Daily)
Updated: 2009-10-01 07:30

On Oct 1, 1949, a great nation was reborn, a nation that has the potential to help the whole world in political, social and economic development.

Today the People's Republic of China is 60 years old. Therefore, I take this chance to congratulate the people of China and President Hu Jintao on the 60th anniversary.

I say long live the People's Republic of China! Long live the great nation!

When I saw the preparations for the anniversary by all the people in China from the day I arrived in Beijing a month ago, I had a question in my mind: whether the people of this country know that they are not celebrating alone.

The people of China, you are not alone in this celebration. In Africa, we are together with you.

The birth of China was the light for the independence of many African states, including my country Zimbabwe.

China assisted many revolutionary forces in Africa. We fought the colonialists and won because of the principles which were adopted by our leaders from the Communist Party of China (CPC).

In Africa, we were not going to be freed without the support of China. The support that we got from the leadership of Chairman Mao and the CPC needs an appreciation by Oct 1 being declared a holiday in our continent.

The great nation is still supporting us today in both political and economic issues. China always saves the life of small nations from the harsh policies of powerful nations.

Recently, President Hu encouraged the developed countries to assist developing countries when he addressed the United Nations General Assembly.

Who does not want to associate with such a good friend? China has a true heart of friendship.

In times of suffering, China provides much-needed support. In time of war, China brings peace and in times of peace, she brings development.

In my great country Zimbabwe, our government decided to look east for good friends and development and positive results are coming.

Congratulations to the people of China for choosing great leaders from the day the PRC was born, leaders who care about the people.

It is only a question of time for this great nation to achieve what it deserves, to contribute to the world both politically and economically.

Once again I would like to say: "Long Live the People's Republic of China!"

Kudakwashe Machawira

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(China Daily 10/01/2009 page5)