PRC 60th anniversary
By Michael
Updated: 2009-09-21 10:49

Let me congratulate the People’s Republic of China, for Your amazing achievement of bringing hundreds millions of people out of poverty. Your way of economic growth, while still has some flaws, has definitely stood the test of time and proven itself to be strong and reliable.

We, the entire world, owe You gratitude for Your commitment to help cushion the economic depression we all face today. You, along with India, Brazil, Middle East, Poland or Turkey are the small group of nations that maintained economic growth in those difficult times.

I feel that China has still a long way to go, but You are definitely needed to stabilize this world we all live in. America has made a lot of mistakes that the rest of humanity must pay for, so it is quite obvious that we need China, India, Rest of Asia, Europe, Middle East and Latin America to take some of the US responsibilities on our shoulders. This may sound like a monstrous task but it is achievable and needed.

I would like to express my hope that China will place more resources on educating her population as well as to protect the environment and commit Your technology, money and intellectual strength to explore space.

Finally, I want to thank You, People of China, for Your peaceful rise and Your reasonable foreign policy, which makes You one of the pillars of the modern world.