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60th Anniversary
Updated: 2009-09-14 10:25

First I want to say congratulations to China on its 60th anniversary.  Thank China for living in peace with the rest of the world for so long and not allowing other governments to enter and destroy the land or nation of China for so many years. Keeping China together without letting other countries go to china and physically do damages to its buildings and people. In my mind, it is a magnificent and beautiful achievement.

From China we get the best example of diplomacy ever demonstrated and challenged on the face of the earth.

As a country in my eyes, China has been very warm hearted, stable minded and helpful to many people and nations.

Chinais always inviting people to visit them. It always hosts events and shares ideas of peace, growth and development.

May Chinas military deterrent grow bigger and bigger? May China always be able to defend its motherland from intruders?  And may China continue to live many more years in peace, sustain peace on its land.

We love you China and thank you for the support you have given to the world.  That is the way I feel.60th Anniversary