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I share the joy of its people
By Silvia Cormont-Ku
Updated: 2009-09-09 15:12

Although my passport does not say I am from China, I have a lot of ties with the fast-growing nation such as relatives, the Mandarin language and so forth. Having been brought up by my parents in Hong Kong and Singapore, they have always imparted and reminded me of my Chinese background, the values and customs. Naturally as I grew up China was what I looked out for in the news.

In the course of the past 60 years this vast country has become the talking point of the world, its economy which the world's traders are attracted to and its language that an increasing number of people in the world are learning. Today China's sky is dominated by skyscrapers, designed by architects from all across the globe and art in this country is flourishing, breaking new grounds.

My passport may not say People's Republic of China, but I rejoice with its people what they have accomplished at an amazing pace.