Yahya bin Abdul-Kareem Al-Zaid, Ambassador of the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in China, who flew to Sichuan with shipments of relief materials donated by his country, talks with chinadaily.com.cn one year after the May-12 Earthquake.
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10:30 Apr. 23, 2009  
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    • Best wishes to the people affected in the quake
      "I would like to express our sincere hope and support for the victims, we are here with you… you've been proving to be resilient and have shown a great quality of recovery."

    • Saudi ambassador talks of China-Saudi friendship
      It may be the most striking number as we see it, but it was the least one would do for a friend as the ambassador put it.

    • Ambassador,63: visited Sichuan twice; donated blood
      He flew to Chengdu with the first batch of donations from Saudi Arabia on May 20 and at an age of 63 he lead a campaign to donate blood for the needy in quake zone. "It was the least we could do," he said.

    • Saudi King 'emotionally with China'
      Only 3 days after the quake, the King of Saudi Arabia ordered donations totaling $70 million. The reason for such a move of generosity was that he was "emotionally with China and loves the Chinese people from his heart."

    • Two countries furthering cultural exchanges
      "By the end of this year, the number of Saudi students studying in China will reach 500... About 10 years ago the number was only between 20 and 25...They are excellent ties between the two countries."

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