Accurate information and calm analysis media's duty

The results of a survey show that the overwhelming majority of people in China and Japan have never visited the other country, and they rely on news reports to learn about each other.

'Two tigers can live on one mountain' 

Chance to grasp the opportunities and look to future

Japan welcomes Chinese tourists during holiday

Time is right to strengthen China-Japan ties

Sino-Japanese Relations

'Two tigers can live on one mountain' 

The "two tigers" in the region can coexist as long as they make efforts to be friends with each other, said Akashi Yasushi, former United Nations undersecretary-general, on Monday.

Survey shows people want better relations

Beijing eyes 'bridge of friendship' with Tokyo

Japan welcomes more Chinese tourists

Official urges deepening China-Japan exchange

Economic Future

Japan welcomes Chinese tourists during holiday

Japan will further relax its visa policy and provide more convenient services to attract more tourists from the Chinese mainland, said Hiroshi Mizohata, commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency.

China's growth to bring opportunities to Japan

Japan, China trade ministers agree to facilitate trade

FTA good for more robust growth

Quake takes toll on Japan-China bilateral trade