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Is flying a safe way to travel?

Deaths per billion passenger-journeys

Deaths per billion passenger-hours

Death and accidents number by year

The Geneva-based Aircraft Crashes Record Office (ACRO) compiles statistics on aviation accidents of aircraft capable of carrying more than six passengers, not including helicopters, balloons, or fighter airplanes.

Deaths per billion passenger-kilometres

Deaths per billion passenger-kilometres of air travelers are 0.05 while for motorcycle riders the number is 108.9. The numbers for bus and rail travelers are 0.4 and 0.6 respectively.

Causes of Air Crash

Bird strike

Bird strike is an aviation term for a collision between a bird and an aircraft. It is a common threat to aircraft safety and has caused a number of fatal accidents.

Volcanic ash

Plumes of volcanic ash near active volcanoes present a risk especially for night flights. The ash is hard and abrasive and can quickly cause significant wear on the propellers and turbocompressor blades.

Airport design

Ground damage

Human factors


Safety Tips

Keep large baggage away from overhead bins

Large baggage with heavy articles is difficult to lift into the overhead bin, so have it stored elsewhere. Also, heavy bags may fall down during turbulence, which can cause serious injury.

Keep your seat belt fastened

Keeping your belt fastened while you are seated, especially during turbulence, will provide extra protection for your safety.

Follow the advice of flight attendants

Don't bring any hazardous items on board

Listen to the preflight briefing

Choose larger aircraft

Accidents and Incidents

42 die in plane crash in NE China

A passenger plane with 96 people on board crashed during landing at a forests-surrounded airport in northeast China's Heilongjiang province amid thick fog late Tuesday.

Plane crash in Pakistan kills 152

Plane crashes in India, 159 feared dead, 7 alive

Plane carrying 43 crashes in Afghanistan

Libya plane crash kills 103, Dutch boy only survivor

Civil Aircraft Operating in China

Airbus A320

The A320's 3.96-metre-wide fuselage provides wider seats and more room for carry-on baggage, and the ability to load containerised cargo in the lower hold.

Airbus A319

Airbus A321

Airbus A300-600R

Airbus A330-200



Aircraft usually land at an airport on a firm runway or helicopter landing pad, generally constructed of asphalt concrete, concrete, gravel or grass. Aircraft equipped with pontoons are able to land on water.

Flight recorder


Instrument approach

Flight training

Airbus A321

Airbus A330-200

Airbus A330-300

Airbus A340-300

Boeing 737-300

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