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Universities explore unique features under 'double first-class' plan

Zheng Xiaojing, president of Xidian University and a CPPCC National Committee member

"To achieve the goal of building 'double first-class' universities , institutes of higher learning must improve their quality and strengthen their distinctive features."

University key to NE China revitalization, says NPC deputy

Ning Guiling, NPC deputy, vice-president of Dalian University of Technology

"Talent nurturing is the responsibility of the whole society. Colleges and universities cannot solve the problems all by themselves."

Expert calls for changes to make vocational education more appealing

Zhu Yongxin, CPPCC National Committee member, vice chairman of the Central Committee of the China Association for Promoting Democracy

"In some countries, a skilled worker gets similar pay as a professor and can live a decent life."

NPC deputy: Education sector in western region needs strong govt support

Chen Kegong, NPC deputy, Party chief of Northwest Normal University

"Western regions are crucial to the Belt and Road Initiative, but these areas are less developed, always have had weak economic foundation as well as lack of talent compared with the eastern regions, and education is crucial to improving the shortage in skills."

Distinctive disciplines play key role in promoting university's global influence

Zhang Qianhong, NPC deputy, vice-president of Zhengzhou University

"The implementation of 'double first-class' is a great opportunity for Henan to further develop its higher education."

National political advisor calls for greater efforts in basic, higher education

Ma Min, CPPCC National Committee member, Party chief of Central China Normal University

"Universities need to form leading teachers' groups with strong academic backgrounds."


Build universities on 'actual condition', says expert

Mei Guoping, an NPC deputy and president of Jiangxi Normal University

"But as for my university,our goal is to develop 'first-class undergraduate education' and 'first-class disciplines with distinguished features and comparative advantages' in China."

For students, rationality essential for startups

Liu Huihao, CPPCC National Committee member and professor from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law.

"Young entrepreneurs should be more rational about business startups and should prepare themselves in every possible way before venturing into them."

'Historical opportunity' for regional college under new policy

Song Chunpeng, a CPPCC National Committee member and vice president of Henan University

Song said that the development of Central and Western China should primarily rely on cultivating talent within the region.

University grows traditional brand and innovates for future development

Gao Ling, NPC deputy, president of Xi'an Polytechnic University

"Colleges and universities should always maintain and strengthen their traditional advantages and brand"

Innovation will build first-class universities

Deng Hui, NPC deputy, vice president of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics

"Innovation can lead to entrepreneurship...A school without distinctive characteristics can never become an authentic double first-class university"

Foreign students can help raise China's global profile

Yan Chengzhong, a professor with Donghua University in Shanghai, also a national legislator

"Many of my students from foreign nations went back to their country, only to find that the knowledge they had gained in China did not fit in well with the realities of their countries"


Political advisor: Prioritize technical and vocational training for poverty relief

Li Jian, CPPCC National Committee member and dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences of the Beijing Institute of Technology

"Poverty can be reduced through educationand knowledge and skills can help lessen the burden of poverty."

Discipline clusters will build first-class universities, says expert

Zhao Han, CPPCC National Committee member, vice president of Hefei University of Technology

"The speeding up of discipline cluster construction can boost the performance of colleges and universities in the new era. It helps to meet the new demands of the country."

Expert: Fight against school bullying a long battle

Zhou Hongyu, NPC deputy, president of Changjiang Educational Research Institute

"Parents are responsible for teaching their children respect, empathy and right and wrong, which means raising awareness of parents should be taken seriously."

Language talent to play big role as China goes global, expert says

Gu Yeli, vice president of Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, also a CPPCC National Committee member

"By learning a new language, we can research the politics, economy and culture of another country, thus helping formulate China's strategy on overseas development"

Professor shares vision of China's higher education

Zhong Zhangdui, a professor of Beijing Jiaotong University, also a CPPCC National Committee member

"We should have the top scholars around the world 'work for us but not necessarily be owned by us'"