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Top 10 Chinese provinces with highest living standards

China's average score on the living standards index is 61, according to a report measuring poverty by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) China.

Cultural fair boosts cross-Straits bond

The recent cooling political climate between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan has not affected the enthusiasm of Taiwan's entrepreneurs for attending this year's cross-Straits cultural event.

Overhaul of city's water brings rivers back to life

To pollute a river requires only one flush of sewage from homes or factories, but the recovery process can take dozens of years.

A few things to avoid in Fuzhou

I want to share some real life advice that I got from the inhabitants of Fuzhou themselves.

Rare species return to Fujian capital

Chinese crested tern, once thought to be an extinct bird species, are alive and well in the Minjiang River estuary wetland, a natural reserve park in Fuzhou, capital city of Fujian province in East China.


From poverty to prosperity

An exceptional environment, terrific tea and improved infrastructure have transformed a poor village into a destination with rich allure.

E-pass introduced for mainlanders travelling to Taiwan

A new electronic travel permit will be introduced for mainlanders who travel to Taiwan, according to a circular released by the Ministry of Public Security.

Tremendous volcanic topography on southeast coast

Part of the coastal areas of Fujian's Zhangzhou city was designated in 2001 as one of the first 11 national geological parks.

Taste bud travelling in Quanzhou

Six seasoned travellers from China, Indonesia, and France were invited by the local tourism authorities to tour Quanzhou, a city with a culinary legacy capable of rivaling any other.


Young couple choose village life over big city

Li Xiaowen and Liang Yongying are a post-1980s couple. In 2013, they left the metropolis to return to their hometown, a village in Shanghang county of Fujian province, to start farming.

Environmental protection and profits not mutually exclusive

East China's Fujian province has been promoting ecological civilization and transforming its economic growth over the past several decades.

Province turns pollution around with new policies

Every evening, Lin Shengzhong, a villager in Datian county, Fujian province, takes a stroll through the tree-lined park in his village.

Fujian village celebrates harvest in December

Fujian's final month of the year is the time to enjoy the harvest and it does so with a distinctive flair.