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Regulation made to protect personal information safety

( Updated: 2012-11-05 20:05

Hebei province has passed its first regulation that seeks to halt public disclosure of personal information.

Organizations found leaking personal data can be fined up to 500,000 yuan ($80,000), China National Radio reported on Nov 5.

The regulation, which was passed by the standing committee of the provincial people’s congress, will take effect on Jan 1 next year.

According to the regulation, organizations and individuals should seek the other’s agreements before obtaining or using personal information. Organizations that have such information shall not reveal or sell it to others.

The regulation specified that departments of industry and information technology at the county level and above have the right to stop illegal actions, confiscate illegal earnings and warn violators, according to the regulation.

Organizations that commit a serious breach of the rules will be fined between 100,000 and 500,000 yuan, while individuals will face a fine of up to 50,000 yuan.

Those who have broken the law will also be prosecuted in accordance with the law, according to the regulation.

Provinces like Jiangsu and Guangdong have passed similar laws.

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